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Mechanical and electrical assembly

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Manufacturing an assembly in our workshop

As soon as the equipment is delivered to our workshops, a quality control is carried out to certify all the parts we receive.

The Palamatic Process technicians carry out the pre-assembly of each piece of equipment at Palamatic Process' headquarters. This procedure makes it possible to check the conformity of the delivered parts.

Assembling Palamatic process

Assembly in workshop B

workshop assembling

Assembly in workshop C

Palamatic Process Quality Control

Quality control of received parts

Following assembly, our technicians perform a factory acceptance test (FAT). This step is performed in coordination with our design engineers.
This step is crucial to validate that the requested equipment complies with the project specifications.
The objective is to carry out a final verification of the different devices and the process expectations.
During this phase, the client can be present to carry out the verifications with the project engineer.

Palamatic process erection

Assembly in workshop A

Erection palamatic process

Assembly in workshop A

Big bag filling system - Flowmatic 04

Client FAT

Assembly on your site

Our technicians can supervise every step of your project from assembly to final commissioning. We also offer a complete quality service with respect to your project deadlines. Furthermore, our technicians can supervise and guide the installation of our industrial equipment machinery anywhere in the world.

Pre-assembly of the bulk handling equipment is done in our workshops, prior to shipment. The assembly of your production line includes handling, mechanical assembly, supporting piping and electrical wiring.

Our assembly service includes:

  • Mechanical and electrical supervision
  • Mounting of the equipment (provided by Palamatic Process)
  • Installation of pipe supports, cable tracks
  • Supporting of the equipment (provided by Palamatic Process)
  • Electrical wiring between the cabinet and systems
  • Pneumatic wiring and connection
  • Ground handling and lifting equipment (forklift truck, telescopic forklift, etc.)
  • Operator access equipment (scaffold) 

Our technicians and supervisors are qualified: chemical hazards N1 & N2, Caces  - safe driving aptitude certificate - (forklift truck, aerial platform)
In subcontracting: MASE certification (manual for the improvement of company safety)


On-site assembly

workshop customer

On-site electrical wiring

Come and test our equipment in our test plant