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Case studies - Sugar

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Our powders and bulk materials packaging and handling lines are used to convey, weigh, dose and pack powdered sugar.

Crystallized white sugar is the most common type of sugar. 

Discover all the characteristics of sugar here!


Sack tip station for handling bulk granuled sugar

Processed powder: granulated sugar - Bag opener for dust containment and operator ergonomics.

Production line for instant powdered drink mixes

Processed Materials: Granulated Sugar, Rebaudioside M, Cocoa Powder and various minor ingredients - Process for mixing dry ingredients - The new facility expansion project required the capabilities of...

Production and packaging of icing sugar

Processed powders: icing sugar from white granulated sugar and starch - Sugar milling unit - The installation consists of feeding the mill with granulated sugar and then packaging the resulting icing...

Sugar Feeding and Packing into Bulk Bags

Processes powder: powdered sugar - Powdered sugar bagging - Our client is a company specializing in sugar manufacturing with a need to increase production capacity to meet the rising demand by global...

Chewing gum production line

Processed powders: malto dextrin, sorbitol, powdered sugar, crystal sugar... - Vertical transfer of dragees - Installation of tilting bucket elevators allowing high throughput handling of fragile...

Ice cream manufacturing process

Processed powders: whey, sugar, flavorings - Dry products dosing for dry mixing - Preparation line for the manufacture of ice cream with unitary dosage of different ingredients according to the recipe...

Big bag packing line with a capacity of 40 big bags per hour

Processed powders: white refined sugar, surfine caster sugar, crystal sugar - Packing in big bag of white sugar and crystal sugar - This big bag installation is designed to achieve a minimum flow rate...

Unloading of raw material from shipping containers

Processed material: refined sugar - Refined sugar conveying - On-site installation of repackaging equipment for the transfer of sugar stored in shipping containers with an inner liner to a bulk bag...

Sugar depacking and conveying line

Processed materials: crystal sugar - Loading silos with sugar - A container tipper is used to feed the high pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.

Automatic big bag filling line

Processed powder: white sugar - Sugar packing - The FlowMatic© 04 bulk bag filling station allows dust-tight packaging of all types of powders, limits dust emissions and automates the removal of the...

Storage and conveying of sugar for dissolution in a weighed cast iron tank

Processed powders: beet crystal sugar and cane sugar - Liquor manufacturing - French company specialized in the manufacture of spirits and syrups. The syrups are intended for CHR professionals and...

Grinding unit for the production of icing sugar and incorporation of anti-foaming agents

Processed powder: starch and granulated sugar - Icing sugar line - French sugar cooperative company - Supply and commissioning of a set of machines for the production of icing sugar and starch to feed...

Feeding of a filling machine by pneumatic conveying in dense phase for brown sugar, cane sugar and white sugar

Processed powders: refined white sugar and brown sugar - Packing of white, organic and brown sugar - Leader in Africa and the Mediterranean Basin in the sugar industry and vegetable oil industry.

Double station for the discharge of crystal sugar bags and feeding of a melter for sugars

Processed powder: crystal sugar - Sugar dissolution for beverages - Company dedicated to the design of artisanal lemonade and artisanal syrup.

By the sieving process, a more homogeneous crystal size or granulometry can also be guaranteed.
Palamatic Process vibrating sieves are used to produce caster sugar - commonly known as powdered sugar - by screening with a finer mesh.
Icing sugar, on the other hand, is obtained by extremely fine grinding of granulated sugar.

Our industrial mills are perfectly adapted to this type of application.

Sugar grinding for the manufacture of icing sugar, incorporation of starch-type anti-motting agents, silo storage, pneumatic conveying of sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar) for bag filling unit feeding, storage and conveying for dissolution of sugar in weighed cast iron tanks are common applications in this sector of activity.

The sugar industry requires the implementation of preventive measures within production plants in order to avoid the most well-known professional risks (physical, biological, chemical, thermal, etc.). Find all the advice of our powder experts in this sector.

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