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Case studies - Nuclear

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Unloading, conveying and dosing of toxic powder

Processed product: Triuranium octoxide (U3O8) – Drum tipping station - The installation concerns the installation of a production system that empties, transfers and doses drums of a toxic product...

Preparation of electrolyte pool charges

Processed powder: Potassium Bi-Fluoride - Drum and bag handling in the nuclear sector: 25kg kraft paper bags with an inner liner and 90kg drums with an inner liner.

Mixing and feeding line for raw materials for cementing

Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins

The nuclear industrial experience at Palamatic Process represents a significant activity due to the knowledge acquired over more than 10 years. Our team works on all nuclear reactors in France to ensure the dosage and introduction of boric acid (boron) in the tarpaulins and tanks of power plants.

Palamatic Process equipment can be realized, according to the applications, in neutral or contaminated areas with handling equipment of the elements conducted by robotics.

Palamatic Process also has experience in uranium extraction mines and in nuclear waste reprocessing sites. Our team has provided preparation equipment of specific cement, such as filler is an application for the production of landfill ingots.

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