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Industrial-sized test center

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The test center Palamatic Process has been built for all of our industrial customers to define the production line for bulk materials handling which meets their expectation.

Specialized R&D engineers are at your side to give you advice on the most adapted industrial processes which will fit with your constraints and will support you at each step to imagine the most efficient process as possible.

test plant palamatic process

Our equipment is at your disposal to provide the most effective means to analyze and test your powders under real-life conditions.
With more than 300 possible configurations, you can process all types of powders and bulk products with customized assistance for your industrial tests.

  • 2400+ft² of surface dedicated to the tests
  • 35 industrial machines
  • Trial with any kind of powders
  • 2 engineers to support you
  • XP configurations

3 steps to validate your process

Step 1: Before testing

  • Definition of the machine configuration to be tested according to your specifications (powders, flow rate, precision)
  • Drafting of the test offer by our engineers

Step 2: During testing

  • Agreement on the procedure to be followed for the product test
  • Carrying out the test and taking samples
  • Discussion of the results obtained after the test on the machines (phase diagram, attrition tests, fines rate)

Sstep 3: After testing

  • Analysis of the results of the machines and the samples produced
  • Drafting of a summary report
  • Joint decision making on the optimal solution according to your constraints
  • Drafting of a quotation 

What does the test center consist of?

Equipment to be tested

palamatic process test plant

Full-size pneumatic and mechanical powder handling equipment and systems. With more than 300 possible configurations, you can process all types of powders and bulk products.

Powder characterization

Palamatic Process expertise - Bulk materials and powder handling

Our powder laboratory, which is attached to the Palamatic Process test center, allows us to perform post-test analysis of the granulometric characteristics of the materials.

Variety of powders

Poudre vitamine

Our experts assist industries handling a variety of powders: citric acid, starch, cocoa, calcium carbonate, fly ash, titanium dioxide, wheat flour, rice flour, plastic granules, milk, carbon black, urea...

Customer stories

3 reasons to come for powder flow testing at Palamatic Process

Individual support

test plant powder performance

Individual support of one of our expert in powder process solutions

Individual consultation and support from our R&D engineers. An expert in bulk handling equipment is dedicated to your bulk handling project.



Test center Palamatic Process

Customized configuration

Simulation of tests under customer process real-life condition. Tests are conducted with customers’ bulk materials.


palamatic process material testing

Securing your investment

Verification of the performance of the bulk handling systems prior to manufacturing.
Common decision making on the optimal solution in accordance with your requirements.


How to proceed if you want to do a test?

  1. Contact our sales department on or send an e-mail to
  2. We will discuss your project together, select the appropriate equipment for the tests and make an appointment.
  3. You come with your products.
  4. Following the results obtained, we validate the optimal solution adapted to your products and your constraints.

Do you want to rent machines ?

Palamatic Process offers companies the possibility of renting certain industrial machines for handling powders. For more information, please contact the sales team at

Station d'essais Palamatic
Station d'essais Palamatic Process

Come and test our equipment in our test plant