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With our extensive knowledge of chemical industry processes, Palamatic Process can offer you quality assurance in your production line and/or integration of new equipment. 

Fields of application: seeds and crop treatments, powder paints and coating, rubber, polymers and plastics, synthetic chemistry, detergent and laundry, petrochemistry, paper industry, etc.


Discover our case studies

Discharging station of big bags of cadmium in very high containment

Processed powder: cadmium oxide - Supply for battery manufacturing - The objective of this installation is to protect operators by avoiding the constraint of the working suit, which is very badly...

Preparation process for the micro-ingredients

Processed powders: micro-ingredients - Tire production line - Dynamic storage and manual dosing of minor ingredients.

Bag unloading station for reactor loading

Processed powder: very dusty and toxic bulk material - Loading tank - The objective of the installation is to contain the powder to avoid any dispersion during the different stages of conveying.

Process for feeding 2 lines of carbon black from flowbins

Processed powders: 2 references of carbon black (micro pearl) - Rubber calendering line - The facility includes 2 container discharge systems that supply 2 mixing lines with powdered carbon black.

Preparation and dosing workstation for metal powders

Processed powders: metallic powder (bulk density 5) - Skid for metallic powder - The powder is vacuumed from its initial packaging and stored in a drying tank.

Inerting skid at big bag filling station outlet

Processed products: cereal grains and seeds - Process for improving the preservation of cereal grains and seeds during storage in big bags.

Discharging of drained automative filters

Product treated: drained automotive filters - Our client specializes in the collection and treatment of industrial wastes.

Big bags and sacks unpacking for reactor feed

Processed powders: polyester powders - The powder is delivered in big bags or sacks for storage in a weighed buffer hopper.

Big Bag Compactor for the Agro-Chemical Industry

Products processed: herbicides, fungicides, biosolutions - Compacting of big bags - Dust removal

Double packaging big bags of Polyethylene Flakes

Processed powder: polyethylene - Production of low-density polyethylene - Company in the petrochemical industry: Installation of 2 big bag packaging lines.

Unloading drums of toxic powder

Processed powder: sodium methylate - Contained discharge of chemical powder - The process consists in safely unloading drums containing sodium methylate in a Class 1 / Division 2 hazardous environment...

Mobile big bag filling station for zirconium under dryer

Processed powder: zirconium - Big bag packaging line below the dryer - Dust containment - Big bag compactor with screw conveyor.

Unloading and conveying FIBCs of titanium dioxide for the ink and coatings industry

Treated powder: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) - Feeding of a solvent reactor in the inks and coatings sector - Emptying station for big bags and sacks with powder transfer system by a tubular screw.

Unloading and handling of graphite powder

Material: Graphite - Bucket filling line - Turnkey solution for big bag emptying, total containment and rapid filling of buckets with graphite powder.

Turnkey solution for big bag unloading and vacuum conveying of rheology additives for chemical manufacturing

Processed powder : Sodium hypophosphite - Manufacture and installation of a new turnkey process line for the production of coatings and sealants in an ATEX hazardous location.

High-rate automatic big bag filling line for the export of natural soda ash

Treated powder : Natural soda ash - Automatic big bag filling line with buffer hoppers. Remote control system ensuring traceability and safety of the process.

Big bag unloading and mobile IBC docking for powder paint industry

Processed powders: Minerals and additives (such as titanium dioxide) for the manufacture of paints - Emptying of big bags into mobile IBCs with dosing and transfer of the product to a mixer downstream...

Packaging line for washing detergents and detergent products

Processed powders: detergents and washing powders - Laundry powder packing - Packaging of powdered finished products in 20, 25 and 30 kg bags.

Big bag packing station

Processed powder: tabacco dust - Loading of dust in big bags - Two pipes feed tobacco dust from the storage hopper to the big bag filling station.

Big bag filling under silo

Treated powder: premix compound - Premix compound packing - Our customer, a specialist in PVC compounds and polymer composite materials, required the packing of its finished product - polymer...

Drum and bin tipper for skip feeding

Handled products: oil filters - Oil filter recycling - Recycling installation for a company involved in waste management

Container tipping of plastic granules

Processed product: plastic granules - Tanker truck loading - Container tipping equipment for the transfer of plastic granules into a tanker truck

Discharge and pneumatic transfer of sodium nitrate

Material handled: sodium nitrate beads - Manufacture of glass wool - The client, a world leader in insulation solutions, required installation of a pneumatic conveying system for the transfer of...

Big bag discharge station

Processed Materials: calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, silica - Calcium carbonate loading into storage tank - For this project our client company is a specialist in the manufacture...

Octabin Sealing System

Processed material: polyamide, nylon - Polyamide production line - This installation relates to an international group specialising in the manufacture of polyamides which wishes to set up an octabin...

Detergent powder milling

Processed powders: sodium carbonate, acid... - Disinfectant packaging - Production line of cleaning products for the maintenance of livestock buildings.

Bulk solids supply to a manufacturing tank

Processed bulk materials: Benzotriazole and Tolytriazole - Incorporation of detergent products - The client is the Europe's leading supplier of household cleaning products and private brand toiletry...

Packaging of highly explosive powders in drums

Processed materials: hydrazine hydrate derivative - Drum filling with chemical agents - The customer is the world leader in chemistry for the manufacture of building materials.

Unloading sacks for reactor feeding

Treated powder: diatomaceous earth - Manufacture of engine additives - Safe incorporation of powders with nitrogen inerting sluice in a sensitive environment, ATEX gas zone, zero retention.

Drum dumping and discharging in Atex zone

Powder processed: wet ground powder - Automated drum dumper - Dumping and discharging of drums of wet ground powder at a rate of 40 drums/hour.

Pneumatic conveyor for mixer feeding

Processed bulk materials: pyrogenic silica, calcium carbonates, expanded graphite, aerosil, imersil - Disperser feeding - The facility consists of a bag dump station fitted with a dedusting device and...

Automatic loading of raw materials into reactors with integrated dosing

Processed bulk material: lithium fluoride - Reactor loading - High performance pneumatic vacuum conveying with dosing container for incorporation into pressurized reactors. Our customer, a Chinese...

Screening and packing skid for chromium powder

Processed powder: chromium powder - Drum and big bag loading - The objective is to screen and package in big bags or drums chromium powder with an integrated dosing system.

FlowMatic® 04 automatic big bag packaging line

Processed powder: treated maize seeds - Seed conditioning - This Multinational, an actor on the world seed market, wants a facility located in Brazil for the automatic packaging of corn seeds in big...

Emptying of polypropylene bags for truck filling

Processed powder: polypropylene - Bulk truck loading - This powder handling line is designed to feed granules into trucks at a high rate of 25 t/h. The production requirement is to create neither...

Discharging station for big bags of acid

Processed powder: adipic acid - Truck and wagon loading - The installation is especially designed to meet all the customer's constraints, in particular operation of the installation at a flow rate of...

Discharge of big bags for truck tank filling

Processed powders: activated carbon - Loading of activated carbon - Installation for the world's leading supplier of coal for energy purposes.

Bag dumping for loading dough machines before coating

Processed powders: PVC powders - Premix for coating - This installation involves a manufacturer of coated fabric. Coating is a surface treatment that consists in applying a layer on a substrate (paper...

Atex 20 Loading of resins and polymers in chemical reactors under pressure

Processed powders: maleic anhydride, Epo Kukdo - Resin and gel coat manufacturing - The customer is one of the world leaders in the production of structural resins for the building, automotive, water...

Automatic bag emptying for feeding extrusion line

Processed powder: polypropylene - Plastic extrusion - Installation of 2 automatic bag opening machines allowing to reintroduce in the process line productions packed in 25 kg bags at a capacity of 12t...

Skid for unloading of bags of additives

Processed powder: polypropylene - Compound line - Installation of an automatic bag emptying system for polypropylene balls with a flow rate of 100 bags per hour.

Big bag filling with corn seeds

Processed products: corn seeds - Seeds packing line - Installation for conditioning corn seeds in big bags. The big bag filling station is supplied upstream via a slide gate valve and a flexible...

Automatic packaging line for big bags FlowMatic® 04: metering - conditioning - conveying

Processed powder: urea Fertilizers - Urea Company based in Vietnam, leader in the production of fertilizing products.

One handle big bag filling with fertilizer

Processed products: Fertilizers and seeds - Seeds - Production and trade of cereals for livestock feed.

Loading a chemical reactor from bags and big bags in ATEX zone 01

Processed powders: varnish and gelcoat - Manufacture of industrial glue - This process consists of a combined Duopal® DP02 station for emptying sacks and big bags, a pneumatic conveying system and a...

Raw material feed and lump breaking of resinous materials

Processed powder: resin - Resin formulation - This company in the petrochemical sector provides adhesive solutions.

Loading of wagons with pulverulent

Processed powder: barite - Oil drilling muds - Company working in the treatment of drilling muds. Barite, high density and abrasive material, is used as a binder in drilling muds to facilitate the...

Discharge of paint powder containers into big bag

Processed powder: paint powder (polyester resin + fillers + additives + pigments) - Paint formulation - A manual container emptying station feeds a big bag filling system. The container unloading...

Process for tanning additives: Feeding a chemical dispersion process from sacks and flexible or rigid containers.

Processed powders: chemical additives - Tanning product - The great diversity of the products and their varied packaging meant that this plant had long been looking for a system that would reduce the...

Discharge of big bags of zinc raw materials into etching tanks

Processed powders: zinc ash, zinc oxide, waelz oxide - Bulk pigment handling - The materials to be emptied are powders whose particularity is to have very heterogeneous characteristics.

Discharge of big bags of bleaching agents for tank feeding

Processed powders: optical brighteners (very volatile powder) - Washing powder premix - Installation for a European leader in private label detergents and hygiene products.

Laundry powder storage line

Processed powder: laundry powder - Washing powder - This company was looking for a storage solution for humidified laundry powder with an apparent density of 1.3.

Additives feeding for extrusion line

Processed products: plastic granules - Compounding line - Installation of a big bag and Flowbin emptying station containing powdery or granulated powders in a buffer hopper.

Raw material deconditioning unit, masterbatch mixture preparation and incorporation on extruder line

Processed powders: cobalt, calcium carbonate CaCo3, titanium dioxide TIO2 - Masterbatch and additives - Discharge of raw materials while maintaining a healthy atmosphere without pollution and without...

Discharging, conveying and dosing in a dough processing machine

Powder processed: azobul - Blowing agent for PVC flooring - Continuous dosing supply of a PVC powder mixing reactor. The industrial metering system is fed by a vacuum pneumatic conveying system...

Discharge and pneumatic conveying of fluorinated derivatives

Processed powders: fluorinated derivatives: ammonium bifluoride, sodium fluoride, potassium fluoride, magnesia - Ethanol production - This customer is a specialist in the processing of oilseeds for...

Discharging of big bags of activated carbon to a reactor in a contained way and under ATEX 22 atmosphere

Processed powder: activated carbon - Activated carbon feeding - The installation consists of a big bag emptying station EasyFlow® EF with various options to facilitate the discharge of the contents of...

Discharge of bags for feeding a mixing tank

Processed powders: flake soda, lime powder, potash, magnesia - Shampoo production - This company in the cosmetics industry is involved in the implementation of industrial installations.

Automatic big bag unloading system for PET flakes and pellets

Processed powders: PET resin granules and PET flakes - Fully automated big bag discharging line - Big bag compaction at the end of the line

Our team of experts can supply processes for more difficult to handle chemical bulk materials with strict safety rules. By gathering the necessary data on your production process, we make sure that all regulation requirements and risks are taken into consideration for the final design, including: accidents, environmental pollution, chemical burns, poison, fire and explosion hazards.

Our offer includes:
- Compliance with ATEX and Class/Div standards
- Sanitary design with CIP "Clean In Place"
- Compliance with the rules of cross-contamination
- Containment of toxic substances
- Dosage of raw materials
- Dedicated production lines
- Respect for the integrity of bulk materials (product degradation, humidity, etc.)
- Material certificates and documentation requirements
- Automation for traceability of all your production batches

By working closely with our customers, we can define and customize the technical solutions suited to your manufacturing specifications and safety constraints (ATEX, inerting, toxic).

The wide variety of powders and bulk materials used in the chemical industry, depending on the nature of the product (solid, liquid, flammable, oxidizing, toxic, etc.), requires an expert level of knowledge for appropriate treatment and handling. Our team of engineers and technicians are trained in the integration of various equipment and process technologies.

Palamatic Process offers turnkey systems regarding the loading of raw materials for processes involved in the transformation of petroleum derivatives (plastics, synthetic fibers, etc.). Our equipment is used in different stages for processing of these raw materials including: storage to pneumatic conveying and from dosing to automation.

Examples of materials processed: clarcel, titanium dioxide, carbon black, antimony, epoxy-polyester, graphite, nylon, sodium oleate, resins, sulphur, silicone, thermo-plastic, varnish, zinc...

Our powder experts give you advice on handling chemical powders: things to know when storing chemicals, recommended equipment for handling toxic materials...

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