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Centrifugal sieve RS-ECD

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Header tamis centrifuge easy clean design

Centrifugal sieve RS-ECD

Easy clean Design Palamatic

Maximum hygiene

The Palamatic Process RS-ECD centrifugal sieve is ideal for companies in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical or synthetic industries as it meets the hygienic standards in use in these sectors.

easy Clean Design centrifugal sieves protect your production line from possible mechanical damage as they are designed to eliminate foreign bodies, reduce aggregates and carry out a granulometric separation of products received in bags or bulk.

The cleaning of the centrifugal screener RS-ECD is easy thanks to a quick screen change (less than two minutes). An access door placed in the centre of the installation also facilitates access for the operator.

The design of the RS-ECD centrifugal screeners ensures a clean and high quality end product thanks to a perfect tightness. 

Examples of flow rates per 2 mm mesh on wheat flour type T55:

Grid size in mm Rates t./h.
RS 200 RS 300 RS 400
0.2 1.6 2.67 3.57
0.4 4.4 7.35 9.81
0.6 8 13.36 17.84
0.8 11 18.37 24.53
1 15 25.05 33.45
1.4 20 33.4 44.6
2 24 40,08 53,52
3 27 45,09 60,21
4 29 48,43 64,67 
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3D visuals of the centrifugal screen

Equipment advantages

- Easy to clean

- Operator access via the central door

- Completely dust-proof

- Silent, no vibrations

- Mesh can be replaced in less than 2 minutes

- Double seal on engine shaft

- High throughput rate

- Continuous operation

- Small dimensions

- Low energy consumption

- Possibility of implementation in a pneumatic conveyor


View our equipment in videos

Centrifugal screen Easy Clean Palamatic Process

Centrifugal screen for maximum hygiene thanks to quick screen change and centrally placed access door.

View our equipment in photos

Easy Clean Design centrifugal sifter

Easy Clean Design centrifugal sieve

The cleaning of the centrifugal screener RS-ECD is easy thanks to a quick screen change.

Tamis centrifuge Easy Clean

Dismantling if the grid

The cylindrical mesh is inserted into the central hopper of the Easy Clean Design centrifugal sieve.

Tamis centrifuge nettoyage facile

Guide rails on centrifugal sieves

The guide rails enable an easy and quick removal of the cylindrical screen grid.

Tamis centrifuge process hygiénique

Setting the rejection output

The end of the screen is connected to a rejection flange. 

Tamis centrifuge démontage rapide

Positioning of the sieve grid in the central hopper.

The installation of the cylindrical grid is fast and easy.

Tamis centrifuge hygiène globale

Removal of the screen for cleaning

The disassembly and cleaning of the grid is easily carried out by the operator and guarantees a hygienic process.

Changement de la grille de tamis

Closure of the sieve body

Changing the grid is done in less than 2 minutes by a single operator.


Technical specification

The bulk materials to be sifted is conveyed to the inside of the cylindrical sifter by the feeding screw.
The centrifugal force throws the product against the sieve.
The rotating paddles are not in contact with the mesh.
They force the product through the mesh, breaking lumps and agglomerates.
Waste is evacuated by a specific outlet. By the impact of powder, the sieve mesh starts vibrating to accelerate the screening and avoid the risk of clogging.


Sifter wall dimensions as per your requirements: from 50 µm to 5 mm.

Model Power A B C D E F G H I J K L M
RS-ECD 200 2,2 kW 335 541 513 138 203 114 336 219 168 280 219 336 2825
RS-ECD 300 3.7 kW 361 641 563 138 216 114 336 219 168 280 219 336 3125
RS-ECD 400 5,5 kW 349 641 563 161 216 114 336 219 168 280 219 336 3150
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