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Mixer with removable shaft ECD

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Mixer with removable shaft ECD

Easy clean Design Palamatic

Easy to clean

The horizontal mixer HTM100 Easy Clean Design with removable shaft ensures efficient mixing with easy and quick cleaning.

The unique design of this mixer facilitates the production of various mixtures whatever the type of products: cereals, food powder, pharmaceutical powders...

The stirring unit and the mixing speeds ensure that the material is respected, limiting deterioration to a minimum, even on fragile products.

The exclusive design of the tank and of the agitator ensures the dispersion of the products introduced in micro quantities of 0.1%. The mirror-polished stainless steel design offers remarkable hygiene.

During product changeover phases where cleaning is necessary, the guide rails enable the operator to disassemble the HTM vertical mixer to access the heart of the equipment. This quick and easy access to all mixing parts allows the horizontal mixer to be used in the food, pharmaceutical, baby food and pet food sectors.

Mixing times vary between 3 and 9 minutes depending on the complexity of the powders introduced.

The HTM 100 horizontal mixer with a usable capacity of 100 litres can be loaded to at least 10% while maintaining its mixing qualities.

The polished finish of the stainless steel < 0.4µm inside and <0.8µm outside ensures a very high quality machine.

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Extractable mixer Easy Clean Design

Extractable shaft - Easy Clean Design ECD Palamatic

The horizontal mixer HTM100 can produce various mixtures whatever the product introduced: food powder, baby powder, pharmaceutical powder, etc...


Technical specification

Easy Clean Design mixer with removable shaft:

Plan mélangeur extractibe 2 Easy Clean
Plan mélangeur extractibe Easy Clean
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