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Vibratory screener GSC-ECD

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Header vibratory sifter ECD

Vibratory screener GSC-ECD

Easy clean Design Palamatic


Easy cleaning

The Palamatic vibrating screen, GSC-ECD screen integrates all the features necessary for the family of highly cleanable equipment. All of the component parts are perfectly removable for complete cleaning and total decontamination of the entire sieve. Washing nozzles are also located inside the vibrating screen for cleaning in place of the vibrating bases. The materials used are perfectly compatible with food regulations with resistance to corrosion.

Vibrating sieves, vibrating screens from the ECD range, are very regularly used for sieving food powders at the process inlet as well as at the end of the packaging line.

The food industries ensure a virgin product by controlling their raw materials introduced into their manufacturing process and by ensuring that their manufacturing process itself does not generate foreign matter.

In addition, the design of PALAMATIC vibrating screens from the Easy Clean Design ECD range offers almost zero retention. Powder retention was a major design factor for the validation of this range of sifter.

The tightness of the screen is perfect and ensures non-contamination from the outside. The complete tightness of the sieve allows sieving in a controlled atmosphere.

Integrated assembly and disassembly system

The range of ECD vibrating screens integrates as standard the system of assembly and rapid disassembly of the elements by manual lifting jib crane.

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Entire vibratory sieve

Entire vibratory sieve with flexible connection spout

Vibratory sieve without cover plate

Vibratory sieve without cover plate

Vibratory sieve without mesh screen

Vibratory sieve without mesh screen

Vibratory sieve without internal cone

Vibratory sieve without internal cone

All these specificities thus offer a high-quality hygienic process, without altering the final product and avoiding any retention zone.

Equipment advantages

- Easy to clean

- Easy and rapid dismantling using sping clips

- Extremely low retention

- Easy replacement of the meshscreen

- Clean In Place (CIP)

- High quality, heavy duty manufacturing

- Low maintenance

- Long life equipment


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Easy Clean Design vibratory sifter

Perfect tightness of the screen

All of the component parts are perfectly removable for complete cleaning and total decontamination of the entire sieve.

Tamis vibrant ECD Palamatic

Vibratory screener ECD Palamatic

Tamis vibrant Easy Clean

Vibratory screener Easy Clean


Technical specification

Sifting occurs thanks to a vibrator fitted on the side of the machine (1.1 kW for model GSC 900, and 0.5 kW for models GSC450 and GSC 600).

Feeding is ensured by the central upper flange connected via a flexible sleeve.

Lumps are destroyed and foreign bodies are eliminated.

The screen is available in stainless steel or nylon and in different sizes to fit the needs of each customer and each product specification.

Dimensions :

vibratory screener size


Examples of flow rates with 2 mm mesh on T55-type wheat flour:



560 168 198 668 76 403 44 128 90 375 100 1.5 t./h.


730 207 207 839 100 507 50 241 90 540 100 2.5 t./h.
GSC-ECD  900 1012 330 300 1185 100 640 68 278 90 647 100

6.5 t./h.



Main advantages

Vibratory sieve easy cleaning
Total free quick release clamping
Easy change of the mesh screen
Vibratory sieve pneumatic conveying
Case studies
production line palamatic process

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