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2014 PROPAK ASIA Conference

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From June 11st to 14th, the 2014 PROPAK ASIA Conference took place in Bangkok in Thailand. This event was about equipment for agricultural industries. It was an opportunity for PALAMATIC PROCESS to present its industrial equipment to the southern part of Asia market, i.e. Japan, Singapore, Maysia, China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan. Thanks to its regional attractiveness which brings numerous purchasers, the conference was an excellent opportunity for our company to reinforce its presence on the Asiatic territory but also to improve our communication and expose our expertise on powder solutions for food industry.

Did you know it?

Thailan is among the main world suppliers for food products and its agricultural industry is very developed and competitive (with more than 10,000 companiers that have a strong demand for machines and process and packing equipment). In addition, to compy with quality and food hygiene standards required by major importing markets, the Thai industry do not hesitate to buy foreign machinery and equipment to produce food for export.

Faced with this favorable economic and political climate, PALAMATIC PROCESS could not miss the PROPAK event to present its expertise on powder equipment "made in France".

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