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Conveying and dosing tests for copper powder and graphite powder

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A designer and manufacturer of thermostatic elements and cartridges supplier of thermostatic solutions for the thermal management of engines, came to visit us in Brécé.
Dosing tests were carried out in order to qualify and validate the equipment best adapted to the materials treated by this company.

Equipment tested :
Big bag emptying station
Mechanical conveying: archimedean screw
Screw feeder: model D12

Materials tested:
copper powder - density 1 200kg/m³
graphite powder - density 200kg/m³ 

About thirty series of tests were carried out in order to qualify the flow rates and the dosing accuracy
Repeatability of doses was also a major objective to be taken into account during this series of tests.
The precision requested by the client was +/- 270 gr. on a 270 kg batch; we obtained a dosing accuracy of +/- 50 gr.
The objective has therefore been achieved!

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