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New: What you should know about AdBlue, DEF, AUS32, ARLA32!

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The Palamatic experts give you 6 points to know about AdBlue, DEF, AUS32, ARLA32!

  • Where does urea come from?
  • How is AdBlue® made?
  • It is called AdBlue®, DEF (or Diesel Exhaust Fluid - DEF), ARLA32, AUS32 but what is the difference between all these names?
  • Why add urea to our engines, to our fumes? What is AdBlue® used for?
  • Is there a difference between agricultural urea, urea for the treatment of power plant smoke and automotive grade AGU? 
  • I am a large consumer of urea solution, can I produce it myself? Is it profitable? 


6 choses à savoir sur l'AdBlue - Palamatic
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