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Palamatic Process, 20 years of development and improvement

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20 years of development,
20 years of improvement.

The company Palamatic is celebrating this year 20 years of expertise and innovation in industrial processes and bulk powders.

Since its inception, Palamatic has proven its technical expertise and quality service to large French and international industrial groups, while combining "pleasure to develop new machines or systems, allowing us to enhance our skills and conquer new market shares" Marc Guillou, President.

The 20th anniversary of the company was an opportunity to honor the past while celebrating the present and prepare the future

1992 : Foundation of the company Palamatic by Marc Guillou

1995 : Installation of Palamatic in Cesson-Sévigné (35)

2001 : Arrival of de Thomas Lavallée in Palamatic

2010 : Arrival in  Brécé (35)

2011 : Extension of the premises with the creation of the cafeteria and meeting room, 142 m²

2012 : Extension of the design office, 100 m²

production line palamatic process

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