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Clean In Place CIP-ECD

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Clean In Place CIP

"Clean-in-Place" CIP-ECD

Easy clean Design Palamatic

Palamatic powder handling processing lines offer the possibility to integrate cleaning in place CIP to guarantee optimal food safety.

Cleaning in place with integrated washing nozzles is controlled automatically or manually depending on the production line specifications.

The design of the equipment is conceived and developed in accordance with the sanitary rules and the constraints due to the integrated washing solutions.

Cleaning in place by means of nozzles ensures the debacterialisation of the entire processing line through the action of several operating cycles.

The standard Palamatic Process installations include the following cycles:

- Pre-washing of equipment with hot or cold water

- Washing of equipment with hot water and chemical agents

- Complete rinsing with hot or cold water with or without disinfection solution

- Air drying with or without air control by absolute filtration

The washing water is recycled in the CIP skid tanks. The water used for the washing cycles can be demineralised in order to avoid any contamination and to avoid any residues during the drying process.

Additive dewatering solutions can be used to accelerate the drying phases.

CIP station

CIP Washing skids are usually located in a specific area of the plant / liquid zone or near the wash booth area.

Due to the soluble or insoluble characteristics of the powders handled, the control parameters of the CIP cleaning system are fully modifiable and adjustable in order to achieve very high washing accuracy and results. The major parameters of cycle times, detergent / detergent dosage, water temperature, scraping speed and flow rate are key and ensure a significant time saving for the key phases for food safety.

The washing cycles of the equipment or of the complete line are generally launched at the time of production changes or at each new production when the process requires it. Taste upgrades and colour upgrades are usually scheduled on production lines before CIP wash cycles are performed.

The cleanliness controls are qualified by unit tests, thanks to the easily removable equipment of the Easy Clean Design Palamatic production line. The repeatability of the washing cycles and your routines allow you to save a lot of time in these key phases.


Our design office works with your quality teams to confirm the general design of the washing skid: number of nozzles, tank volume, cycle programming, etc.

Like washing, drying is also part of Palamatic Process' know-how with the control of the air blown into the powder handling equipment. Heating coils as well as high and very high filtration power filters are installed in the Palamatic CIP washing skids. UV solutions can also be integrated.

As each powder has a different behaviour, contact us to design your CIP line to meet your food safety requirements.

Our experience in the food processing, petfood, chemical and pharmaceutical industries will ensure that your results meet your expectations.

Discover what you need to know about CIP in our dedicated article: CIP definitions, benefits of CIP, typical CIP process, components of a CIP system...

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Equipment advantages

- Debacterialisation of production lines

- Operator safety 

- Food safety

- Significant time saving

- Automatic or manual control 



View our equipment in photos

Clean in Place

CIP in bag dump station

Washing of equipment with hot water and chemical agents.

Nettoyage en place Palamatic

Clean in place operation

Cleaning In Place System (CIP) by Palamatic Process.

NEP Palamatic

Palamatic Process Clean In Place operations

The Easy Clean Design CIP cleaning in place (CIP) by nozzle allows a debacterialization of your entire production line by the action of several operating cycles.


Système de nettoyage en place Palamatic

CIP operation

The Cleaning In Place system provided by Palamatic Process is fully adaptable to your constraints in order to reach a washing precision and a quality result.

Extrait PID NEP

Cleaning in Place PID Extract

Palamatic Process powder handling processing lines offer the possibility to integrate cleaning in place CIP to guarantee optimal food safety.


Technical specification

The Palamatic Process CIP washing skids integrate a set of tanks, reservoirs and circulation pumps ensuring the flow through the pipes to the washing nozzles.
These washing nozzles can be removable or fixed with or without retractable technology. The nozzle jets are suitable for various machine designs.
When the removable nozzle solution is chosen, the fixing clamps are equipped with sensors to avoid any risk of error and thus ensure the safety of the operators on accidental spraying and food safety. The automatic CIP (Cleaning In Place) circuit control system displays the status of the machine and informs the operator of the manipulations to be carried out when necessary.


Static spray ball

Rotating cleaning nozzle

Buse de nettoyage rotative
Case studies
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    Processed powders: whey, sugar, flavorings - Dry products dosing for dry mixing - Preparation line for the manufacture of ice cream with unitary dosage of different ingredients according to the recipe...
  • Processing of artificial sweeteners

    Processed product: erythritol - Bag emptying and crushing line - Production line for sauces, soups, drinks.
production line palamatic process

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