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Octabin discharging - Octoflow® 01

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octabin powder handling palamatic process

Octabin Unloading - OctoFlow® 01 - Octabin tilting device ideal for semi-automatic deconditioning in gross weighing.

For octabins with side drain hatch.

Octabin filling system layout OC1 - Bulk powder handling

This equipment for octabins has a side drain hatch or suction cane.
The FlowMatic Octabin model is ideal for semi-automatic deconditioning of octabins in gross weighing. It ensures the containment, the safety of use and the management of the commercial weighing.
The unloading station is a complete solution: dosing, packaging, conveying.

Octabin discharging system layout OctoFlow 01 - Bulk powder handling

The presence of the capping tray allows the installation to be confined and dust removal (double casing filling head) to be optimized during the filling cycle. The styling tray is mounted on the station's apron and is therefore adjustable in height to fill different sizes of octabins.

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Equipment advantages

- Deliverable in ATEX zone

- Customized version available


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Emptying by pneumatic suction

Octabin emptying by suction transfer system

The transfer system sucks the product from the heart of the octabin.

octabin discharger bulk handling

Octoflow 01

Octabin dumper OctoFlow® 01 for octabins with side discharge flap.

Octabin emptying system by suction

Double emptying station for octabins

Emptying station with suction pipe for pneumatic conveying.

octabin discharger octoflow palamatic process


Octabin for the storage of bulk materials and raw ingredients.

Octabin discharge by suction pipe

Suction pipe for emptying octabins

Pneumatic transfer suction system for emptying octabins.

octabin discharger octoflow


Storage of bulk materials and raw ingredients in octabins.

Suction draining

VFlow® pneumatic transfer for powder discharge

VFlow® pneumatic transfer with suction pipe.

Octabin emptying by suction pipe

Suction pipe for emptying octabins

The cane is connected to a pneumatic transfer system by suction.


Technical specification

Flow Rate 10 to 30 octabins/h.
Rate 1.5 tons/ octabin
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
Installed power 1.5 kW
Finishing touches RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
Power input 0.2kW
Compressed air consumption 0.7 kW
Operating pressure 6
TOR22 input 2
TOR ouput 5
Accuracy of the weighing chain ± 500 grams
Dust removal rate 300 m³/h.
Maximum size of octabins (Length x Width x Height) 1,200 x 1,200 x 2,400 mm

Integrated systems:

- Supply hopper (optional)

- Filling head

- Support structure

- Retractable access platform

- Densification vibrating table

Case studies
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Octabin discharging - OctoFlow® 02

Pneumatic clamping with tilting through hydraulic unit

Octabin discharging - OctoFlow® 03

The mobile base turns the octabin upside down for a gravity...

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®03

Tipping over, All drums sizes, No drum manipulation, Safety
production line palamatic process

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