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Cement dense phase pneumatic conveying - Cementveyor®

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Specially designed for long distance conveying of cement and certain other fine powders. It is an easy retrofit to an operation accustom to screw pumps.
Smaller compressors are required for its function which means more energy savings.

Can convey cement and other building products with versatility complimented by the economical forethought in its simple design.
Using dense phase pneumatic conveying requires smaller compressors, lower air consumption, and smaller exhaust fans. Plus the method of moving the material at slower velocities extends the pipe route life.

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Equipment advantages

- Long distance conveying

- Energy savings 

- Simple design

- Lower air consumption

- Smaller exhaust fans


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Long distance conveying of cement

Long distance conveying of cement

Specially designed for long distance conveying of cement and certain other fine powders and bulk materials.

Cement conveying system

Cement plant

Cement conveying equipment does not require large air supply compressors or powerful electric motors when compared to what is required from a screw conveyor.


Technical specification

Finely tuned to the most efficient conveying method long distance transfers of cement and other powders / bulk materials.

Dust free work space is achievable with the installation of our leak proof technology and fully enclosed systems.

Longer lasting pipe lines due to the gentle velocities employed during conveying.

Smaller compressors required and less energy demand from our system on your plant.

No screw pump required which frees up your maintenance costs and puts your workers back on the production line.

Case studies
production line palamatic process

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