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Emptying of big bags of activated carbon to a reactor in a contained way and under ATEX 22 atmosphere

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Case study reference :
Activated carbon bulk bag and sack discharger - Powder and bulk handling

Powder processed: activated carbon

Activated carbon feeding


Company belonging to a Japanese conglomerate and manufacturing a large number of chemicals and adjuvants.

The installation consists of a big bag emptying station EasyFlow® EF with various options to facilitate the discharge of the contents of the big bags.
- The EasyFlow® EF big bag emptying station is equipped with a reduced headroom hoist (125mm) to use the full height available. 
- Drop tray: a cone shaped device perfectly designed allows the bottom of the big bag to fit the shape and provide a good containment.
- Massage: four cylinders ensure that the bulk material flows easily.
- Shut-off valve: it is used to cut off the bulk material flow on demand 
- Containment unlacing box: it blocks the cuff and the inner bag by means of a telescopic tube operated by four cylinders 
- Control valve: it allows the reactor connected under the big bag unloading station to be extracted regularly and fed continuously.
- Process control: an ATEX weighing terminal allows real-time control of the reactor supply 
- Blower: a dust extraction nozzle with adjustment flap is installed on the rear part of the station with a very low air flow rate in order to maintain a very slight vacuum in the area. All parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel with polishing of certain crucial points at Ra 0.4µ. 
The area having been classified ATEX22 by the inspection body, the entire installation was delivered in compliance with the European directive.

Palamatic Process was able to design and build a system that met the two major constraints of containment and regulation on an extremely difficult bulk material.


Big bag discharging - Stripping box - Easyflow EF0

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