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Detergent powder milling

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Case study reference :
Ligne de production de détergent

Treated powders: acid, sodium carbonate

Disinfectant packaging

High-tech cleaning disinfectant production line for the maintenance of agricultural buildings.

Technical data:
Flow rate: 750 kg/hr
Input particle size: 150 µm to 850 µm
Output particle size: D90 - 150 µm
SPAN at the end of the process: 2.07

The client was experiencing particle segregation after mixing. The solution was to mill the particles after mixing to promote particle uniformity and avoid the issue of segregation and de-mixing at the bottom of the containers.
The segregation was resulting results in poor quality and ineffectiveness of the disinfectant solution in the field.

In addition to the particle size homogenization, the particle size reduction facilitates the dispersion (solubility) of the product in the liquid solution, avoiding the risk of deposits at the bottom of the spray pots. The proposed PALAMATIC PROCESS installation integrates a UM320 pin mill fed by a screw feeder.

The powder mixture is introduced by gravity into the buffer hopper of the volumetric screw feeder. The complete milling installation therefore fulfills 2 key objectives:

1.    Reduction of the particle size range: particle size homogeneity, low SPAN.
2.    Particle size reduction <150 µm


Industrial mill - 4 models

Powders micronization

Screw feeder - 4 models from D10 to D13

Weight or volumetric dosing system, 24 to 6 458 liters/h.
production line palamatic process

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