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FlowMatic® 03 big bag filling line with barite

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bulk bag conditioner flowmatic03

Processed powder: barite

Mineral packing


The client is a Swiss group that produces white minerals worldwide.

Barite is a colourless or white mineral that is widely used in the oil industry.

The FlowMatic® 03 big bag filling station guarantees a tight filling of big bags with barite with automatic weighing at a rate of 6t./h. The system can fill big bags at a rate of 10 big bags per hour. The filling accuracy is 2/3 kg per big bag.

The FlowMatic®03 big bag filler includes all the options necessary for efficient packing: inflatable containment seal, big bag hanging platform adjustable in height via a controlled pneumatic cylinder, big bag shaping fan, big bag weighing system (metering), vibratory densification table... The entire adjustable structure can be used to pack big bags of different heights. The double jacketed filling head ensures that the volumes are balanced and that no dust is released into the working environment. The tension cylinder and fan allow the big bag to be optimally shaped.
The handling of the packed big bag is safe, with no risk of tipping over.


Flowmatic®03 Big bag filling system

Containment, Suspended weighing, Tension of big bag
production line palamatic process

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