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Discharging of storage silos

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Case study reference :
Fly ash loading

Processed product: refiom, ashes

Loading of fly ash 

Objective: discharging of fly ash from storage silos for bulk truck loading.

Our customer, an operator of a thermal power plant for the treatment of household waste, wanted to upgrade its bulk loading station. Its objectives were to inter-connect the silo outlets and to make the operation clean by containment.
Palamatic Process integrated specific telescopic loaders for abrasive products such as ashes or cement as well as conveyors to connect the different silo outlets.
The truck loading spout is fitted with inner cones and filter bags, essential options for ash handling.
The abrasive nature of the ash and its powdery appearance due to its low density requires a robust installation.
The positioning of the bulk truck under the telescopic loader is facilitated by a set of sensors as well as access gangways for loading operations.

This installation has made it possible for the operator to find a safe and efficient loading area with no dust emissions. The tanker trucks filled in this way leave the plant site clean, with no risk of external pollution.



Rigid silo

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Truck filling - Truck loading spout

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