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Packaging in drums and big bags of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry

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Case study reference :
Drum and big bag filling of active substances

Processed powder: pharmaceutical active ingredient

Pharmaceutical contrast products


The customer is a pharmaceutical factory manufacturing injectable substances for the medical sector.

Objectives: To design equipment that allows precise packaging and advanced containment of pharmaceutical products, avoiding heavy handling by the operator.


Conditioning in pharmaceutical environment:

Palamatic Process has developed a combined system based on a standard big bag filling system FlowMatic® 02 The advantage of this equipment lies in its compactness and modular design, which makes it possible to handle both drums and big bags.

This machine is made up of three main sub-assemblies: filling chute, main structure, and weighing device. The filling trough is located under the process outlet point. It consists of two telescopic tubes sliding into each other depending on the nature of the batch (big bag or drum) and the filling level of the big bag.

Washing: in order to facilitate this important part of the process requirement, the filling head can be dismantled in less than 10 seconds in order to be cleaned in an adjacent room.

The weighing system has been developed and designed in such a way that the measuring system can be adapted to measuring ranges from 80 kg for drums to 600 kg for big bags.

The equipment was manufactured in 304 stainless steel with very fine microbead blasting. The mechanical assemblies are carefully housed and all possible retention points carefully studied in order to limit any possible product sticking and the stagnation of washing water.

The process has been simplified by avoiding the need for extensive handling, while achieving more than optimal containment.

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FlowMatic® 02 Big bag filling system

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