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FlowMatic® 02 Big bag filling system

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    Big bag filling system FlowMatic02 - Bulk powder handling

    BIG BAG FILLING - Containment and stability

    The FlowMatic® 02 system incorporates an inflatable containment seal and height adjustable big bag hanging hooks. The height of the hooks can be adjusted with a pneumatic cylinder which provides optimal tensioning of the FIBC during filling operation. The pneumatic tensioning cylinder also enables the packaging of big bags with varying dimensions. The filling head is designed with a double casing to ensure prevention of back pressure and dust emissions to the outside atmosphere.
    The FlowMatic® 02 big bag filling station has a filling rate of 10 to 20 bulk bags per hour.

    The width of the hanging hooks is manually adjustable, which further administers proper tensioning of the big bag and accommodation of varying FIBC dimensions. Therefore, both height and width adjustments ensure optimal and stable filling operation. The inflatable seal fixes the big bag spout to the station during the filling process and allows high flow rates to be processed.

    The automatic height adjustment of the forks, with a tension cylinder, enables a tensioning of the big bag. This device ensures an optimal and stable filling. The inflatable seal seals the filling sleeve during the filling process and allows high flow rates to be processed.

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    Equipment advantages

    - Width adjustable hooks for optimal filling of all dimensions of big bags
    - Inflatable seal to ensure dust containment and facilitate high flow rates (prevent back pressure)
    - Tension cylinder to facilitate shape of the big bag during filling operation and for safer handling operations
    - Removal of the big bag possible by forklift or pallet truck

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    Flowmatic 02 - Palamatic Process

    FlowMatic® 02 - Palamatic Process


    Big bag Conditioner FlowMatic® 02 by Palamatic Process.

    Technical specification

    Rate 10 to 20 big bags/h.
    Capacity 2 tons/big bag
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel
    Installed power 0.2 kW
    Compressed air consumption 0.9 Nm³/h.
    Dust removal rate 300 m³/h.


    Finishing touches: RAL 9006, microblasted, electropolishing
    Operating pressure: 6 bar
    TOR input: 0
    TOR output: 2
    Maximum dimensions of the big bags: 1,550 (l) x 1,550 (L) x 2,400 (H) mm
    U-shaped forks: enable the removal of the big bag by the handles (optional)

    Integrated equipment to the FlowMatic® 02 model:

    - Round forks for attaching the handles of the big bag: offers an easier sliding of the handles of the big bag.
    - U-shaped forks for attaching the big bag handles: allows the big bag to be evacuated directly through the handles using a forklift truck (no pallet is used).
    - Support structure: the structure is manually height adjustable to adapt to all types of big bag
    - Width adjustment: the center distance of the forks is width adjustable to optimize the filling operation but provides an increased stability of the flexible container on the pallet.
    - Inflatable seal: The inflatable seal ensures an airtight connection between the filling head and the big bag during its filling.
    - Filling head: the filling head is designed in a double casing for volume balancing. The charged air is evacuated through the degassing line which can be connected to the dedusting network.
    - Tension cylinder: the pneumatic cylinder is installed on the deck of the suspension forks. It allows to bring the system for attaching the handles of the big bag to ergonomic height, to adjust to the different big bag heights and to give an optimal shape to the big bag thanks to the permanent tensioning during the whole conditioning phase. The big bag is perfectly filled without any risk of pocketing and can be handled safely, without any risk of it tipping over.

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