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Unloading big bags of sticky products

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Discharging big bags of sticky products

Our client is a producer of chemicals, biomedicals and nutraceuticals throughout the world. Their production consists of handling and discharging bulk bags containing sticky ingredients for blending and mixing end products. The nature of the final products does not allow them to be interrupted in the production chain.

The nature of the raw materials used, as well as prolonged storage, can become agglomerated and solidify. These attributes can cause difficulties in the material unloading process which interrupts the production chain.

The client called on Palamatic Process in order to solve this problem. The SmashR big bag conditioner met the customer's expectations, allowing product fluidization in a secure and compact environment. This solution has enabled our customer to streamline their process and avoid costly interruptions, whether in terms of labor (handling and manual crushing) or loss of production.

The SmashR big bag crusher is equipped with:

  • 2 paddles hydraulically articulated by 2 jacks
  • 1 lifting table equipped with a turntable
  • 1 hydraulic unit with central unit and tank
  • 1 safety enclosure preventing any contact between operators and the machine

Depending on the requirements of the client’s project, our design office can adapt to meet the needs of the process. As a result, Palamatic Process has been able to develop a range of products that can meet all expectations and production goals.

Ligne de production de produits biomédicaux
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