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Potato flakes milling line

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Case study reference :
Potato flakes milling line

Processed material: potato flakes

Conditioning in big bags and sachets

Technical data 
- Grinding capacity: 2 t./h.
- Stainless steel manufacturing

The objective is to reduce the potato flakes in powder in order to increase the density of the product. The crushing is carried out using an impact pin mill. The density of the crushed potato flakes is more than 550 gr./litre.
The pin mill PolyMill is mounted in line with an atex certification of the pin mill assembly.

The grinding of potato flakes facilitates the different phases of transport and material handling in the process. Thus, the micro flakes obtained after grinding facilitate storage: a big bag can contain 750 kg of flakes and up to 1,100 kg of micro flakes.
The pin mill PolyMill can be fitted with screening grids on the periphery of the pins.

Process integration:
The steam-fed drying cylinder lines produce potato flakes continuously. An optical sorter ensures the visual verification of the material before feeding the specific grinding line. At the outlet of the pin mill, the micro flakes are conveyed to the storage areas or to the packing lines in big bags or sachets.  


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