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Manufacture of fruit and vegetable powders for integration into ready meals and beverages recipes

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Case study reference :
Natural food additives production line

Processed powders : sodium bicarbonate, strain (bacteria)

Natural food additives


This industrial production line consists of the installation of a Sacktip® SE 800 contained bag dump station with glove box for discharging 25kg bags of sodium bicarbonate and 2.5kg bags of strain (bacteria). The dimensions of the sodium bicarbonate bags are 600 x 300 mm.

The bag dump station includes the following options:

  • Glove box with EPDM gloves on the access door.
  • The door is supplied with a closing detection sensor to start the CIP cycle.
  • Clean In Place system: 2 removable washing nozzles for cleaning the station with detection sensor for operator safety.
  • Automatic butterfly valve at the outlet of the hopper to prevent water from rising from the tank at a height of 5m when the incorporator is not in operation.
  • A secondary discharge hatch for strain bags with cap for the CIP phase.
  • Laminated safety glass sightglass window on the top of the bag dump station for natural lighting of the inside of the cabinet.
  • Dust extraction nozzle in the upper part
  • Powder mixer at the outlet of the bag dump station

Access to the bag dump station is provided by a two-step platform. Indeed, the installation of an incorporator under the discharging hopper requires the integration of an extension: stainless steel platform with stainless steel grid to support the equipment and access the operator. The pallet of full bags is placed on a lifting table near the platform to rise the pick-up height of the bags

The bags are slid onto the retractable tablet located on the front of the station. Once the bags are emptied, they are introduced by the operator into a side outlet for empty bicarbonate bags (connectable to a sack compactor) and into a separate outlet for empty small bags of strain.

A PolyMel 50 powder inductor (powder wetting agent) completes the dumping station. Other equivalent powder/liquid dissolution equipment that can be implemented: dispersers, homogenizers, incorporators, Silverson, Triblender, liquiverter...

The inductor enables the introduction of powder into a continuous flow of liquid. The turbine generates a vacuum that extracts the powder from the upper nozzle.

The turbulence generated by the rotation of the turbine ensures the homogeneity of the mixture.


Butterfly valve VPP

Container, hopper or silo closure containing powdered or granulated materials

Contained sack manual discharging - Sacktip® SE - 4 models

Ergonomic sack emptying, Lateral sack introduction
production line palamatic process

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