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Automatic bag opening process

Capacity: 8,600 bags/day
Automatic bag opening process

Automatic bag opening process

The DePalSack® solution set enables automatic depalletizing and emptying of big bags. A line of motorized roller conveyors transports and stores the pallets of seed bags. The depalletizer robot follows the recipe entered in the supervision and places the bags of product on the belt conveyor. The automatic bag opening machine feeds the downstream process and automatically discharges and compacts empty bags.


  • Full Automation
  • 24/7 Operation
  • No risk of recipe error
  • High Cadence
  • No security risk and MSD when opening the bags

The DePalSack® solution has been developed for all manufacturers that are required to open and unload a large amount of bags to supply their process.


Number of different products 1 3 Unlimited
Recipes Non Yes Yes
Daily production 6,200 bags/day 8,600 bags/day 8,600 bags/day
Annual production 2 M bags/yr 3 M bags/yr 3 M bags/yr
Type Varislit + bag compactor Minislit + baler Minislit + baler + chain conveyor

Operating mode

The operator loads the inlet conveyors with pallets of unframed seed bags. It then scans for reference, which is automatically recognized in our supervision program. Robust motorized roller conveyors transport and store pallets safely.

The scanner of the depalletizing robot analyzes and checks the size of the seed bag. The robotic arm picks up the bags one at a time and places them on the feed belt of the automatic bag opening system. The bags are ideally spaced apart to ensure that they open properly. The robot eliminates the risk of error and limits MSDs at the depalletizing station.

The seed bags enter the Minislit® automatic bag opening system where the self-adapting system allows for a wide variation in the size of the feed bags. Its unique bag turning system allows almost complete discharge of the material from the bags. The resulting loss of product is extremely minimal.

Empty bags are automatically discharged via a compaction screw into a high-density PE bag. A monobloc compactor can be adapted at the output to have more waste storage capacity and facilitate recycling of the waste bags.

Empty pallets are automatically evacuated and stacked according to their format. 

DePalSack Palamatic Process


The depalletizer meets the needs of manufacturers wishing to automate the unloading and recycling of pallets in the process line. This solution has several advantages:

•    Feed a process line
•    Unloading of several ingredients for mixing
•    Supply a dispersing station
•    Transfer out of a quarantined area (i.e. clean room)

Flexible and versatile, our depalletizer is designed around a poly-articulated robot. It has grippers adapted to your depalletization needs: taken by unit, row or layer. This robotic cell has optional pallet and insert stackers.


  • Several configurations possible for adaptation to the infeed conveyor
  • Belt conveyor with manual manipulator for adding low-rotation supplements
  • One piece compactor at the outlet for disposal of empty bags

Discover the installations of our customers using the DePalSack® automatic bag opening line.


All the equipment integrated in the automatic bag opening process line are available below.

Automatic sack discharging - Minislit®
Max. rate: 8 sacks/min
Sack compactor
Reduce waste volume, Containment, Healthy dust-free atmosphere, All types of bags
Built-in dust collector
Dust collection or vacuum applications, Flanged directly to equipment, Easy and low cost maintenance

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