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Manual dosing unit for pre-weighed micro-ingredients

Capacity of 5 to 50 buffer cells
Manual dosing unit OpDosing®


Ergonomic manual dosing unit for operators in charge of pre-weigh operations.

Integrated mobile scale and ingredient coding for increased ergonomics and safety.


  • Design ergonomics
  • Coding for ingredient selection
  • Intuitive driving automation
  • Weight support: ref., target weights, weighed weights, tolerance, etc.


  OPDosing® 01 OPDosing® 02
Number of buffer cells 5 to 25 25 to 50
Weighing accuracy 5 g 5 g
Balance sheet name 1 to 2 2 to 4
Manual dosing unit for pre-weighed micro-ingredients


The OPDosing® Palamatic Process weighing line is dedicated to manufacturers introducing pre-weighing operations into their mixing process. Recipes are becoming more and more complex today and require the introduction of a large number of ingredients. The numerous cells of 10 to 50 units provide weighing preparers with an ergonomic and efficient workstation. The mobile scale translates onto the rails to position itself under each cell.

Dosage details

The dosage is done manually by the operator working on the prep lines. The accuracy of the scale is directly related to its range. For a range of 30 kg, 5g accuracy is available. For a 2g accuracy, you will have to opt for a range scale of 10 kg. The support structure of the scale provides enhanced stiffness for high-precision lines.

Ingredients storage cell

The OPDosing pre-span line® offers flexibility over the number of integrable cells. The capacity of the cells can vary from 25 to 100 litres depending on the type of ingredient and the volumes processed. The cells are made of food grade polyethylene and 304L stainless steel, 316L.

The ingredient bins are removable allowing them to be filled in storage areas. In addition, the advantage of polyethylene ingredient trays is their ease of cleaning due to their light handling and dismantling.

Recipe traceablility and security

As with all Palamatic prep lines, the OPDosing micro ingredient line® offers ingredient identification and traceability capabilities. Each ingredient tray has its own barcode to control weighed powders and weighing records. Keying sensors can be integrated on the pre-weighing line to avoid any risk of error. The weigh operator is guided throughout the recipe by industrial computer displaying the ingredient to weigh, the weight recorded and the accepted tolerance.

Applications standards

The OPDosing® pre-weigh manual line is primarily intended for the agri-food industries handling a large number of ingredients. Bakers, confectionery, industrial deli meats or spice and spice premix manufacturers are the main users of pre-weigh lines.

The OPDosing® line is also widely used in the rubber field. The additives are introduced directly into the Z-arm,  banburry after being pre-weighed and packaged in “fusible” bags. The micro-ingredients introduced into the rubber allow the obtaining of mechanical characteristics of the master batch.

Palamatic Process teams specializing in powder handling lines ensure you build a pre-weighing line tailored to your needs. Working with Palamatic allows you to have a unique contact from the design to the production of your ingredient line.

Manual dosing micro-ingredients


  • Isolated dosing station
  • Suction hood / Pouyes ring

Discover the installations of our customers using the manual dosing line for micro-ingredients in pre-weighing.


All the equipment integrated in the manual dosing unit for micro-ingredients are available below.

Dust control - Suction booth
Ergonomics and safety of the workstation, hygienic working environment, Easy installation
production line palamatic process

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