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Dosing, micro-dosing, traceability, supervision

As a designer of complete production lines, PALAMATIC PROCESS associates ergonomically and visually programmed PLCs with its production units.

Production monitoring is as important as the result. This is why PALAMATIC PROCESS’s automation and computer engineers include fool-proofing in raw material inputs, lot traceability, operator identification and dosing reliability. The production line steering screens provide ergonomics and comfort with continuous dialogue during the project execution phase between your production team and our design office.

A manual and independent steering : The documentation provided includes all the operating and maintenance procedures. It allows your teams to optimally conduct your production equipment.

Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, PC Vue, Philips, Intouch, Vijéo Designer ...



automation-big-bag-filling-station-palamatic-process.jpg electrical wiring industrial automation plc palamatic control-cabinet-automation-big-bag-loading-station.jpg automation programmed plc for assembly line palamatic process automation automatic powder line screen palamatic automatic powder line pal touch electrical-wiring-industrial-automation-plc-palamatic-process.jpg automation plc for bag discharging system palamatic automation programmed plc for assembly line palamatic flowmatic automation plc industriel palamatic pal touch automatic discharging system automate programmed palamatic drum-filling-system.jpg bulk-handling-systems.jpg
big bag filling unit palamatic

Contained packaging line

Packaging cabin in Atex 20/22 contained area

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pneumatic conveying hopper feeding palamatic process

Gelatin pneumatic conveying for weighing hopper feeding

In the pharmaceutical sector, this installation relates to the treatment of animal gelatin through a pneumatic conveying system designed to feed a hopper

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