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Big bag filling station

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Case study reference :
Big bag filling station

Processed products: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Metasmart dry 

Process for food supplements 


Big Bag filling station with integrated weighing and vibrating densification table.

The Palamatic Process solution:

  • Bulk bag filling station (FlowMatic® 03) 
  • Output: 90 big bags per day. 
  • Weighing tolerance: 500 Kg +/- 500g  
  • The big bag station is located in ATEX zones 21 and 22. 

The FlowMatic® 03 big bag conditioning station fills big bags while containing any dust emissions and promoting the flow of the material to optimize the filling procedure. 
An inflatable seal with a clamping ring is integrated into the filling head for dust free operation during the flow of product into the big bag. A pneumatic cabinet allows operation of the inflatable seal via a piloted pneumatic control and pressure limiter. 

Round forks allow the big bag to be loaded and docked. The adjustable forks facilitate the loading and packing of big bags of different sizes. A pneumatic cylinder, operated by the control panel, provides the height adjustment of the hooks and placement of the big bag on the pallet as it is being filled. A regulated relief valve adjusts the tensioning force of the big bag to further assist with the filling process. At the end of the filling cycle, the big bag is released via the pneumatic cylinder exhaust. 
This process, and integrated features, ensures optimum filling and excellent stability of the big bag on its pallet. 

A mechanized roller conveyor transfers the big bags after packaging. The vibrating table, installed on the roller conveyor, is retractable to prevent interference with the conveying equipment. During the transfer and removal of the filled big bag, the table is lowered under the rollers as the pallet comes to rest on the conveyor. The transition of the densification table is conducted by flexible pneumatic cylinders with a dedicated solenoid valve and position sensors.


Flowmatic®03 Big bag filling system

Containment, Suspended weighing, Tension of big bag

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