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Big bag filling station with suspended weighing

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Case study reference :
Big bag filling with lime

Processed powders: lime + additives

Lime and minerals packing


This group is one of the world's leading producers of lime, dolomitic lime and other minerals.

The installation concerns a FlowMatic®05 big bag filling station with suspended weighing. The bulk materials handled are a mixture of lime and additives. Bulk powders have a particle size of 0 to 100µm for a density of 0.7. This station packages big bags with 4 handles from 500 to 800kg.

The FlowMatic® 05-VH includes a hydraulic cylinder for filling the suspended big bag. It provides an efficient and flexible solution for packaging bulk powders subject to high hygiene constraints: reducing the floor space requirement to facilitate cleaning phases.

Big bag charging with lime
Inflation of the big bag
Butterfly valve - Bulk material and powder handling

The FlowMatic® 05-VH big bag filling station ensures containment, weight control and filling optimization.

The main structure is composed of a system for holding the loops of the big bag, a system for tensioning the big bag with height adjustment of the hooks.
The double-walled filling tube is connected to the filling system by a flexible seal ensuring containment and non-interference for weighing.
The filling head is provided with an inflatable seal with a multi-diameter clamping ring that allows different diameters of big bag cuffs to be positioned.
The weighing is carried out "from above", the filling head is placed on load cells.
The big bag is manually positioned by the operator who slides the handles of the big bag over the forks. The big bag cuff is positioned on the inflatable joint. The big bag is lifted by the hydraulic cylinder. Once the big bag is in place, filling and dosing can be done automatically.

Once the big bag is filled, the seal deflates and the big bag is evacuated with a forklift truck.


Butterfly valve

Container, hopper or silo closure containing powdered or granulated materials

Flexible fitting

Flexible system, Hygiene, Safety, No tools needed for disassembly


Hydraulic cylinder, Containment, Suspended weighing, Big bag forming, Tension of big bag, Hygienic design, Ergonomic

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