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Discharging station for big bags of acid

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Case study reference :
adipic acid bag dump station

Processed powder: adipic acid

Truck and wagon loading


The installation is especially designed to meet all the customer's constraints, in particular:

- Operation of the installation at a flow rate of 30 t./h. with a material with a density of 0.64

- Conveyor screw in one part for truck loading without intermediate bearing

- Safety and operator protection (safety distances respected on equipment, safety strikes and horizontal protective crosspieces on the platform)

- Hygiene: tilting protective covers are provided to "close" the installation (no external pollution)

- ATEX 22 outdoor certification


Breaking of big bags :

The 2 big bag emptying stations are placed on an access platform for trucks and wagons. The big bag is brought to the station with a forklift truck; the height of the forks is a maximum of 4 m. to access the platform. The big bag remains suspended during the emptying phase. The station is equipped with a level probe to alert the operator when the big bag needs to be evacuated.

On the 2 big bag emptying stations, one of them is fitted with an EC50 knife lump breaker to separate the clogged particles. On this station with the lump breaker, the unlacing cabinet is equipped with a lockable 2-state security lock.

Opening the door stops the industrial lump breaker. The lump breaker is equipped with a level sensor to prevent material overheating and no-load running. This level sensor also warns the operator of the need to change the big bag.

loading of wagons of pulverulent
big bag discharging

The second big bag discharging station is not provided with a lump breaker and the unlacing cabinet is raised to respect the recommended safety distances so that the operator cannot touch the conveying screw. This height also allows the big bag cuff to be fully extended. The discharge rate is therefore optimized and compensates for powder retention problems in the station.

Horizontal bars on the operator side and on the sides of the conveying screw prevent the big bag from tipping over.

One of the two stations is fitted with a massage system to help the flow of powders: the cylinders break the vaults and break the mass setting.

Dust removal rings are mounted on the receiving tray of the big bag emptying station. It consists of a split pipe and two connecting nozzles for dust removal. A manually operated register is used to adjust or close the suction flow rate. They create a uniform air flow around the periphery of the deposit tray and thus optimize dust removal when emptying the big bag.

The installation is equipped with an operator protection enclosure to protect it from forklift trucks; the operator therefore operates in a work area that is exclusively reserved for him.

Conveying screw and loading spout for truck and wagon:

A 400 mm trough conveying screw collects the material under the big bag discharge stations to feed the tubular conveying screw.

The mechanical conveying trough screw is equipped with a control sensor. When both emptying stations are in operation, the conveying screw ensures a flow rate of 30 t./h. When the probe is uncovered, the screw rotates twice as fast to ensure a throughput of 30 t./h. with only one station.

With one or two big bag emptying stations in operation, the ensured flow rate is always 30 t./h.

This trough conveyor screw feeds 2 tubular conveyor screws (250 mm section). These 2 tubular conveying screws convey the powder from the screw into a collecting trough to the truck loading sleeve which allows the loading of powdered or granulated product into bulk or tank trucks.

An independent ATEX dust extraction unit cleans the ambient air charged with powder. The connected equipment is the two big bag emptying stations and the truck loading spout.





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