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Automatic packaging line for big bags FlowMatic® 04: metering - conditioning - conveying

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Case study reference :
Automatic bulk bag filling line

Processed powder: urea

Fertilizers - Urea

Company based in Vietnam, leader in the production of fertilizing products.

This company requires an installation for the automatic packaging of urea in big bags. For this international company, the final objective is to considerably increase the volume of its exports through the use of big bags. To meet the requirements of this customer, PALAMATIC PROCESS has designed a continuous high-flow big bag filling model, called FlowMatic® 04, with speeds up to 40 big bags per hour. This infrastructure permits the factory end product to be extracted from the existing silo through a conveying screw (without an intermediate level to limit ATEX risks as much as possible) in order to convey it to the big bag filling station.

Pallet unstacker secured by a safety barrier, rotating filling head, inflatable containment seal, tilting guardrail, evacuation conveyor for urea buffer stock or printer for marking and tracking big bags, are all equipment that make up this station and meet the environmental constraints of this manufacturer.

The structure, automatically adjustable in height, offers great flexibility to fill big bags of different heights according to the density of the materials and the production campaigns. The filling head is designed with a double envelope for volume balancing and is connected to the dust collection system to avoid any dust emission into the atmosphere. Finally, the rotating system of the hooking head makes it easier to fasten the handles of the big bag, reducing the operator's operations and maximizing the ergonomics of his station.

The FlowMatic® 04 big bag filling station, thanks to its fully automated design, guarantees a high production capacity and efficiently improves the work flow with a reduced number of operators.

All production checks and tests are carried out by the PALAMATIC PROCESS team of engineers to ensure compliance with the specifications and performance of the machines. These essential services are a guarantee of quality and certify a project that meets our customers' expectations.


Flowmatic®04 Big bag filling system

Containment, Tension of big bag, Big bag forming,Weighing , Automated handling, High rate, Material densification, Ergonomic
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