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1. Main characteristics of urea

Urea represents both a specific chemical compound and a collection of organic compounds. It is a nitrogenous waste present in the urine and in the blood.

It takes on the appearance of a white, odorless solid granule. It dissolves easily in water, is not acidic and remains virtually non-toxic. It is a hygroscopic powder.

Urea can be produced industrially from carbon dioxide and ammonia.

The density of urea in the solid state is 1.335 g · cm-3 and 0.750 g · cm-³ in the liquid state. It has a particle size of 90% between 2 mm and 5 mm and an apparent density of 0.73 +/- 0.03.

2. Main applications of urea

Urea is widely used today in agriculture as a nitrogen fertilizer.

It is also found in the industries of animal feed for ruminants; plastics for the manufacture of thermosetting materials and adhesives; cosmetics - especially in hand and foot creams (due to its softening ability); water treatment in biochemistry and more recently as an additive to eliminate nitrogen oxides (Nox) in engine exhaust gases.

Domaines d'applications urée

3. Industrial handling of urea

Urea may contain a high degree of hygroscopicity which can form lumps in flow channels. It also generates dust, which is important to control with collection systems to prevent product loss and maintain air quality.

4. Urea applications with Palamatic Process equipment

Urea can undergo various operations in the industrial environment since it can be conditioned, drained, metered, mixed, transferred, stored, etc.

Urea can be stored in several types of containers depending on its nature: polypropylene storage tanks and stainless-steel containers.

In order to facilitate the flow of bulk urea, vibrating solutions (such as air hammers) as well as a depositing plate can be implanted on silent-blocks.

Our big bag filling stations in the FlowMatic® range, like the the FlowMatic® 04, are suitable for conditioning urea fertilizer. This type of equipment offers great flexibility for operators since the structure is adjustable to different heights and guarantees an optimal level of production.

A dust collection system can be installed to prevent any dust emanating into the atmosphere.

In collaboration with the expectations of our customers, the engineering office of Palamatic Process has designed turnkey process lines for manufacturers handling urea:

  • A fully automated liquid urea production process ensuring reliability and compliance with ISO 22241: PalBlue Process®
  • An AUS32 liquid urea production skid that is easy to install and complies with ISO 22241: PalBlue Skid®

5. Palamatic Process customer applications with urea

For 30 years, Palamatic Process has supported manufacturers in the handling of urea.

Palamatic has installed an automatic urea big bag packaging line for a company manufacturing fertilizer product in Vietnam. The chosen big bag filling model, FlowMatic®04, ensures a continuous flow with speeds of up to 40 bulk bags per hour.

Another urea dissolution process for the manufacture of AdBlue for the energy sector has been commissioned by Palamatic Process teams.

A urea dissolution skid for the manufacture of AdBlue for thermal power plants was also managed by Palamatic Process. It ensures a total flow of liquid urea of 24 m³ / day. 

These installations are controlled remotely via the Pal'Touch® PLC.

Contact our powder experts to study your urea handling project. They will offer you tailor-made solutions, adapted to your constraints and optimized for your production.

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