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Aggregate conveying and storage line

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Case study reference :
Granulates conveying line - Bulk materials

Processed powder: carbonate

Calcium carbonate plant

Industrial production lines involving raw ingredients and bulk materials handling for a company specialized in the supply of aggregates to the Maghreb.

The objective of this installation is the transport and storage of carbonate in storage silos. The carbonate from the customer's quarry is calcinated, hydrated and ground before being moved to the silo. Depending on the grain size, the carbonate is fed into the appropriate silo. The bulk truck packaging of the carbonate is carried out by gravity with a double jacketed sleeve. The flow rates are about 50 t./h.

The collecting screw conveyor allows the main bucket elevator to be fed, which in turn feeds two conveyor screws via a set of by-passes and drop pipes. These conveying screws load storage silos equipped with filters and fluidized bottoms. Truck loading sleeves with shut-off valve and balancing line ensure the conditioning of the carbonate in the truck.

The operators have been trained by Palamatic Process for line management, production and maintenance.

This outdoor installation ensures high production rates and guarantees a very high operating rate thanks to its robust design.


Bucket elevator

Vertical bulk material conveying

Trough screw conveyor

Continuous conveying of bulk or powdery materials

Truck filling - Truck loading spout

Continuous bulk loading, High rate, Many options available
production line palamatic process

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