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Rotary valve DN

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rotary valve palamatic process

Rotary valve of dosing providing controlled flow management - Easy to clean

The rotary valve has been designed to cut off and control the free-flowing materials in pharmaceutical industries. They enable a continuous feeding of powders, granulates or bulk materials with a uniform dosing.

The rotary valve is composed of two elements. The butterfly is adapted to execute a coarse dosing while the little rotor performs more accurate dosing. The maximum accuracy achievable is about ± 20 grams.
The rotary valve can be combined with dosing or weighing systems. 

This rotary valve can be supplied with a rubber seal between the paddles and the rotor to make it suitable for applications where the pressure rises up to 0.5 bar. 

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Equipment advantages

- Constant dosing and flow control

- Double solution with full open disc and small rotary valve DN50 or 80

- Implementation on a sack conditioning skid

- Tri-clamp flange for a quick mounting and removal of the valve


View our equipment in photos

rotary valve caps

Rotary valve for capsule dosing

The Palamatic Process rotary valve offers excellent control performance.

rotary valve sack filling machine

Rotary valve on sack filling unit for milk powder

Rotary dosing valve for handling powders and bulk materials.

butterfly valve

Bulk materials handling rotary valve

Rotary Dosing Valve is a solution designed for accurate dosing.

rotary valve palamatic process milk powder

Rotary valve on sack filling line

 The main rotor ensures continuous product flow while the secondary rotor ensures accurate dosing.

rotary valve

Pharmaceutical powders handling

The rotary valve allows the powder to flow by controlling the valve's rotation speed.
Electropolished 316L stainless steel construction.

dosing rotary valve

Rotary valve for process feeding with milk powder

Rotary dosing valve for accurate dosing of powders and granulates.


Technical specification

- Distribution: DN 100 to 250

- Finishes: 316L stainless steel

- Pneumatic actuator up to 6 bars


Models D1 D2 S G H I L M N O
DN 100 150 180 38 298 130 93 205 223 250 80
DN 150 200 230 38 348 155 93 255 248 250 80
DN 200 250 280 38 398 180 93 305 273 250 80
DN 250 306 330 40 488 213 122 366 335 310 105


Case studies
  • Powdered veterinary medicinal substance

    Processed powder: pharmaceutical powder - Powdered veterinary medicinal substance - The process consists of emptying powders to feed a bagging machine.
  • Deconditioning of pharmaceutical powder

    Processed material: pharmaceutical powder - Deconditioning of pharmaceutical powder - Our client is an international manufacturer in fine chemicals for the production of pharmaceutical powders.
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production line palamatic process

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