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Flexible fitting

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    Flexible connection - Bulk material and powder handling

    Flexible fitting - The flexible BFM® fitting connects sealingly the upper and lower pipework section statically and dynamically


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    Equipment advantages

    - Hygiene : no retention, perfect seal

    - Size: perfectly adjustable

    - Installation : with no tools, fool-proof system

    - Pressure resistance: if an explosion occurs, the gaskets tighten. Assembly for the interior, reinforcing tightening

    - Standard sizes : from 100 to 650 mm by 50 mm increments (spare part inventory optimization)

    - Safety : flexible fitting change-out with no tools ; simply interlock by hand (one operator)

    Technical specification

    • The patented fitting is comprised of two elements - the standardised spigot and a suitable flexible connector
    • Diameter from 100 to 650 mm
    • Length of the flexible connector: 150 (Ø 100 to 150) / 200 (Ø 200 to 650)
    • Width of the connector : 1 mm
    • Material of the connector : Nylon, kevlar, PTFE
    • Infant milk powder preparation

      Product concerned: infant milk powder - Infant milk powder preparation - Industrial specialized in baby food production - The process consist of conditionning infant milk powder in diverse containing...
    • Handling of food starch

      Processed powders: gluten and starch - Handling of food starch - French company specialized in the conditioning of bulk products and raw materials.
    • Spice dosing

      Processed powder: spice mixture with an apparent density of 500 kg/m³ - Spice dosing - The customer was looking to replace his manual dosing system, in the small-size packaging room, with a weight...
    • Preparation of milky drink

      Processed powders: milk powder and sugar - Preparation of milk drinks - Agribusiness group in the Island of Reunion, this company is a leader in most markets in which it operates: fresh dairy products...
    • Process of plasterboard production

      Processed powder: plaster - Process of plasterboard production - French company producing and selling plaster, products derived from plaster and products based on expanded polystyrene.
    • Rubber calendering line

      Processed powders: 2 references of carbon black (micro pearl) - Rubber calendering line - The facility includes 2 container discharge systems that supply 2 mixing lines with powdered carbon black.
    • Masterbatch and additives

      Processed powders: cobalt, calcium carbonate CaCo3, titanium dioxide TIO2 - Masterbatch and additives - Discharge of raw materials while maintaining a healthy atmosphere without pollution and without...
    • Tanning product

      Processed powders: chemical additives - Tanning product - The great diversity of the products and their varied packaging meant that this plant had long been looking for a system that would reduce the...
    • Paint formulation

      Processed powder: paint powder (polyester resin + fillers + additives + pigments) - Paint formulation - A manual container emptying station feeds a big bag filling system. The container unloading...
    • Seeds packing line

      Processed products: corn seeds - Seeds packing line - Installation for conditioning corn seeds in big bags. The big bag filling station is supplied upstream via a slide gate valve and a flexible...
    • Product refining

      Processed powders: ciclopirox, praziqantel - Product refining - French chemical group specialized in pharmaceutical fine chemistry, performance fine chemistry, advanced specialties - new technologies...
    • Pharmaceutical loading

      Processed powder: Sorbitol - Pharmaceutical loading - Manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical products, medicines
    • Cake mix

      Processed powders: modified starch, sodium bicarbonate, fat powder, whipping base, gelatin, milled sugar - Cake mix - Company based in Saudi Arabia that manufactures and distributes dry food materials...
    • Natural food flavours

      Processed powders: apetence factors, natural food flavours - Natural food flavour - The company, which is specialized in the manufacture of flavours for domestic animal feed, was looking to install a...
    • Animal nutrition food supplements

      Processed powders: silica, clay, calcium carbonate, lithothamnium - Animal nutrition food supplements - This customer is a producer of specific mixtures of botanical extracts. In order to ensure its...
    • Premix manufacturing

      Processed powders: silica, wheat, carbonate - Premix manufacturing - The installation consists of a new mixing line for the production of natural additives for animal nutrition.
    • Powdered veterinary medicinal substance

      Processed powder: pharmaceutical powder - Powdered veterinary medicinal substance - The process consists of emptying powders to feed a bagging machine.
    • Animal flour loading

      Powders processed: feather flour, animal flour - Animal flour loading - Palamatic Process has set up a bulk bag packaging station with vibration and automatic releaseof the bulk bag.
    • Seed conditioning

      Processed powder: treated maize seeds - Seed conditioning - This Multinational, an actor on the world seed market, wants a facility located in Brazil for the automatic packaging of corn seeds in big...
    • Aromatic herbs conditioning

      Processed powder: dried grass seeds - Seeds conditioning - Installation of a double discharge station: big bag emptying and container emptying for mixer feeding as well as a double filling station...
    • Lime and mineral packing

      Processed powders: lime + additives - Lime and minerals packing - The installation involves a FlowMatic® 05 big bag filling station with suspended weighing.
    • Handling of veterinary bulk solids

      Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material
    • Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage

      Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...
    • Mixing and packing of spices

      Processed powders: spice mixtures (curry...), tea and herbal tea blends, fine salt - Spice blending and bagging - Bagging station for packaging spice and powder blends in bags from 1 to 25kg.
    • Perlite conveying

      Processed powder: perlite - Perlite unloading, dosing and conveying - This mineral handling facility consists of an EasyFlow® 125 big bag deconditioning station.
    • Recycling of milk powder by micronization

      Processed powder: dairy product flakes, density 400 to 500 µm - Recycling of milk powder by micronization - The installation consists of the dosing, transfer, grinding and reconditioning of the milled...
    • Calcium carbonate loading

      Processed Materials: calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, silica - Calcium carbonate loading into storage tank - For this project our client company is a specialist in the manufacture...
    • Milk powder mixing line

      Processed powder: infant milk powder - Milk powder mixing line - The mixing line is totally cleanable with the complete dismantling of the equipment with our Palamatic-EasyClean range of equipment.
    • Unloading big bags containing grains and cereals

      Process products: wheat bran, wheat flour, disinsected wheat bran - Unloading big bags containing grains and cereals - This big bag emptying station aims to feed insects (larvae and adults) with dry...
    • Entomoculture treatment unit

      Treated products: droppings, dead insects, live insects - Treatment unit in the entomoculture - This unit allows the treatment of non-compliant products from the main process.
    • Spray tower for packaging feed

      Processed powders: skim milk powder / whole milk powder. Client in Africa.
    • Mixing and packing line for dried fruits

      The dried fruit recipe preparation line allows you to: - load a paddle mixer with ingredients packaged in boxes - mix the different raw materials according to the recipe - transfer the dried fruit...
    • Drum unloading enclosure

      Processed product: Triuranium octoxide (U3O8) – Drum tipping station - The installation concerns the installation of a production system that empties, transfers and doses drums of a toxic product...
    • Bucket filling line

      Material: Graphite - Bucket filling line - Turnkey solution for big bag emptying, total containment and rapid filling of buckets with graphite powder.
    • Cardboard box confined packaging station

      Cardboard box confined packaging station - Powder dosing line at dryer outlet for cardboard box packaging feed.
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    Vibrating feeder

    Extraction and weighing, Up to 2 t./h., Fragile or abrasive materials...

    Sack manual discharging - Sacktip® S - 4 models

    Ergonomic sack discharging

    Bin activator

    To facilitate the powders extraction under hopper

    Vibratory screener - 3 models

    Hygiene, Safety of the process, Eliminate lumps, High rate, Easy...

    Rigid silo

    To store your powders and granules in bulk material handling...

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