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Icing sugar

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Ice sugar Palamatic Process

Icing sugar is obtained by milling granulated white sugar.

In general, it contains a small portion of starch or potato starch, which acts as an anti-caking agent to reduce the uptake of sugar during storage phases.


Its granulometry is 160 µm.


2- Main applications of icing sugar

The main uses of icing sugar are as follows: decorating pastries, as a dusting on cakes and pies and peppermint creams.

Icing sugar is also used in making recipes for chewing gum, fondants, mixtures of fine powders, nougats, etc.

Sucre glace Palamatic Process

3- Industrial handling of icing sugar

Icing sugar can be unstable and is sensitive to temperature changes. Ideally, storage should be carried out at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of less than 65%. It is strongly recommended to avoid thermal shock and any contact with wet surfaces or high humidity conditions.

After the milling process the material can reach temperatures up to 100°F. This can create a risk of settling and agglomeration while cooling off due to the material generating condensation.

4- Applications of icing sugar with Palamatic Process equipment

To alleviate caking issues, Palamatic Process offers mechanical agitation solutions.
Within the process line it is also possible to incorporate an anti-caking agent (starch or potato starch). This operation is possible by setting up a dosing system (screw feeder) on the production line.

Grinding, metering and bagging are very common manufacturing processes when it comes to the production of icing sugar.

Palamatic Process offers turnkey production lines for the manufacture of icing sugar


5- Customer applications Palamatic Process with icing sugar

Palamatic Process intervenes regularly in the processes of manufacture and production of powdered sugar, here are 2 examples:

Sugar grinding unit

The installation consists of supplying the mill with granulated sugar and then conditioning the icing sugar obtained.

Icing sugar line

Supply and commissioning of a set of equipment for the production of icing sugar and starch to feed a dosing machine.

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