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Ice sugar manufacturing unit

Capacity: 250 to 3 500 kg/hr
Manufacture of icing sugar

4 models available: PalSugarIce® 25, PalSugarIce® 100, PalSugarIce® 200, PalSugarIce® 350

Icing sugar production line from crystal sugar and incorporation of anti-caking agent.

Food and pharmaceutical grade sugar for immediate use or packaging.

  • Capable of fine particle production 99% <90µm
  • ATEX 20-22 standard
  • Low energy consumption
  • Hygienic design 

The sugar grinding line is composed of a crystal sugar silo, bulk bag or sack tip unloading, feeding and dosing system to the grinding mill, a dosing storage assembly for anti-clumping (starch or potato starch) dosed at between 1.5 to 3%, a pin mill, a threshing hopper, an icing sugar extraction and a dust collection set.


  PalSugarIce® 25 PalSugarIce® 100 PalSugarIce®  200 PalSugarIce® 350
Production flow


250 Kg/hr* 1 000 Kg/hr 2 000 Kg/hr 3 500 Kg/hr
Grain fineness capacity


70 to 600 µm 70 to 600 µm 70 to 600 µm 70 to 600 µm
% anti-caking agent - starch / starch that can be introduced 0 to 5%** 0 to 5%** 0 to 5%** 0 to 5%**
Materials of construction Steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel Steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel Steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel Steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Power installed on the complete line 10 Kw 25 Kw 45 Kw 85 Kw
Compressed air flow        
Air treatment flow 800 2 000 4 000 5 800

* given for an output particle size <125µm

** Standard average application between 1.5 to 3% starch for standard starch sugars. Starch levels can be increased depending on sugar moisture levels and climatic temperatures at the installation location if temperature control is not ensured.


Milling technology

The grinder used for the manufacture of icing sugar is a pin mill with rotating plates. This technology makes it possible to reduce the granulometry of the sugar by shattering the particle. Moisture control during the reduction phase is achieved by dosing the starch via the screw feeder as well as the threshing hopper.
The threshing hopper, sized according to the PalSugarIce® model selected, provides the temperature drop buffer of the freshly milled sugar. Stirring of the hopper is provided by a rotating unit with straight blades.

Line automation

The control of the grinding line offers the operator the selection of the desired particle size, the desired flow rate and the amount of starch to be introduced.

Typical applications

Palamatic's PalSugarIce® grinding lines are widely used in industrial chocolate factories, sugar manufacturers, industrial bakeries and even the confectionery industries. The icing sugar produced on the PalSugarIce® Palamatic  Process line is ideal for making meringues, chewing gum, chocolates, ice cream, icing, nougat, macaroons, caramel, etc.

The grinding line is ATEX 20-22 certified.

The air treatment and management of the dust collection line is fully integrated by the installation of a filtration assembly.



Discover the installations of our customers using the PalSugarIce® powdered sugar grinding line.


All the equipment integrated in the powdered sugar production unit is available below.

Sack manual discharging - Sacktip® S - 4 models
Ergonomic sack discharging
Big bag discharging - Stripping box - Easyflow EF0
Unlacing cabinet, Electric hoist loading, Forklift truck loading, Low profile/independent loading
Industrial mill - 4 models
Powders micronization
Screw feeder - 4 models from D10 to D13
Weight or volumetric dosing system, 24 to 6 458 liters/h.
Rigid silo
To store your powders and granules in bulk material handling applications
Easyclean tubular screw ECD
Quick cleaning, Continuous operation
Drop-through rotary airlock valve
Rate from 2.2 to 19.5 liters/rev., Extraction and dosing under hopper, silo, cyclone...

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