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Automatic mixer loading

Loading capacity up to 15 tons/hr
Automatic kneader feeding

The flour stored in the silos is transferred by vacuum to a receiving cyclone.
The production operator positions his kneader tank under the dosing gate for automatic feeding, which is controlled by the material balance.

  • Automatic loading
  • Exact weighing of flour
  • Vacuum conveying
  • Hygienic connections



  BakeFlow1® 5 BakeFlow1® 10 BakeFlow1® 15
Loading rate in kg/h. 5,000 10,000 15,000
Power consumption Up to 1.5 Kw From 5.5 to 15 Kw From 15 to 27 Hp
Supply in sacks or big bags x x  
Silo feed   x x
Magnetic protection Optional magnetic bars Magnetic bars or optional ejector Magnetic bars or optional ejector
Sieving Optional vibrating screen Optional vibrating or centrifugal sieve Optional centrifugal sieve

The automated flour transfer line ensures the loading of bakery mixers in a fully automated and controlled manner.

The flour stored in sacks, big bags or silos is directly vacuum conveyed in masked time towards the separating filter cyclone. The pneumatic conveying technology offers remarkable hygiene vis-à-vis the emission of dust to the outside.

The cyclo-filter is equipped with a high efficiency filter and an automatic pneumatic unclogging system. The industrial quality of the filter media is well above average, which ensures absolute filtration power and a healthy atmosphere for working operators.

Due to the pneumatic transfer technology used the pipe network can reach extensive distances when necessary. The positioning of the flour stock can be more than 100m from the mixer loading area.

Chargement pétrin

Filling and dosing of mixers

The manufacturing operator positions his kneader tank directly under the flour buffer cyclone. Once the kneader tank is positioned the loading operation can be initiated by indicating the quantity of flour to convey.
The weighing scale positioned under the tank controls the rotary dosing valve. The frequency variator, controlled by the scale, provides dosing precision down to a hundred grams.

The BakeFlow1® flour loading line for baker's kneader is the simple and effective solution to drastically reduce the carrying load of manufacturing operators.

Depending on your flour consumption, the BakeFlow1® line is available in 3 standard models to adapt to your production rates.
Loading and feeding these bread mixers automatically with the right amount of flour is the goal of this line.

For the implementation of additional options, such as in-line sieving or magnetic detection, consult our powder handling experts.

The automatic feeding of your ingredients is part of Palamatic Process's know-how…
Discover all our turnkey process lines in the food industry!

All the equipment integrated into the BakeFlow®1 process line is available below.

Drop-through rotary airlock valve
Rate from 2.2 to 19.5 liters/rev., Extraction and dosing under hopper, silo, cyclone...
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