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IQF preparation unit

Capacity from 120 bags/hr to 240 bags/hr
IQFlow Palamatic Process

This independent unit allows the preparation of IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) products: unpacking and deagglomeration.

Despite the IQF technology some products may still show signs of caking.

The IQFFlow® 50 ensures the deagglomeration of these products as well as ergonomic and fast unpacking.

  • Maintain product integrity
  • Hygienic design and cleaning with jet and foam cannon
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Operator ergonomics


  IQFlow® 50 IQFlow® 100
Bag flow / hour 120 240
Number of operators 1 2
Charging the transmitter Manual By motorized belt
Manufacturing Stainless steel 304/316 L Stainless steel 304/316 L + Pe
Power installed 5,5 Kw 8,5 Kw

The IQFFlow50® workstation provides ergonomics and safety for operators working at the unpacking station for IQF products. The design of the lump breaker with the calibrated trough ensures precise deagglomeration of products without compromising the original form (no particle or granular attrition).

Depending on the desired flow rates, two sizes of lump breakers are available.

The food pieces discharge into a bin positioned at the exit.

Flow rate: 6m³/hr (approximately 150-200 boxes/hour).

IQF unpacking and crushing line
Customer cases

Find out about the facilities of our customers who use the IQFlow® product preparation line.


All the equipment integrated into the IQFlow® process line is available below.

Lump breaker - 3 models
Crushing, Lump breaking, Granulating
production line palamatic process

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