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FlowMatic® 05-LT big bag filling system

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big bag filling flowmatic05 lifting table

FlowMatic® 05 - LT - Lifting table 

The FlowMatic® 05-LT (Lifting Table) has an automatic big bag unhooking system and a big bag lifting table. The FlowMatic® 05-LT big bag hygienic filling station consists of a telescopic filling head, an automatic handling hooks, FIBC pre-forming fan, and lifting table for big bag loading.

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FlowMatic® 05-LT operating procedure: 

Average time for complete filling operation cycle is 2 minutes. 
1. Installation of the big bag on the packing station
2. Dust tight fixing of the big bag filling sleeve by inflatable seal
3. Inflation of the big bag by pre-forming fan
4. Switch from the inflation fan to the dust collection system
5. Filling of the big bag at a high flow rate
6. Suspension weight management by monitoring and adjusting flow rate for final dosing
7. Once filling operations is complete, the hygienic lifting table rises to support the big bag, the seal deflates and the big bag is released by the automated hook straps
8. Lifting table is lowered for handling by forklift or pallet truck

Equipment advantages

- Automatic big bag strap hooks
- Suspended structure for easy floor cleaning
- Double casing discharge spout prevents back pressure of the big bag during operation
- Inflatable seal for dust tight containment and stability during operation


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Remplissage big bag Flowmatic 05 - Remplissage big bag suspendu et pesée brute

Remplissage big bags FlowMatic 05

Conditioning with suspended bulk bag and gross weighing Efficient and flexible solution for powder conditioning process subjected to high hygienic constraints: reduction of retention areas on the ground by the setting up of a weighing platform directly fitted on the filling head.

Bulk bag filling range

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big bag filling hydraulic cylinder lifing table

Bulk bag filling - FlowMatic® 05 Lifting Table

Packing with suspended big bag and gross weighing
Efficiency and flexibility for powder packing processes subject to high hygiene constraints: reduction of retention areas on the floor by installing a weighing platform directly on the filling head. Containment, Suspended weighing, Big bag forming, Big bag tension, Hygienic design, Ergonomics...

big bag filling flowmatic05 palamatic process

Big bag filling Palamatic Process

Conditioner with suspended big bag and gross weighing.

big bag filling flowmatic05

Filling head

The double jacketed filling head ensures containment during big bag filling and provides degassing of the big bag during the filling phase.

big bag filling hydraulic cylinder

Big bag filling - Lifting table

Weighing of the unit in order to inform the process on the quantity of powder introduced. The complete system of
big bag filling is suspended by 4 load cells. 

big bag production line

Big bag filling line

The characteristics of your big bags are important factors in determining the most efficient filling system.

bulk bag conditioner lifting table

Big bag filling with suspended weighing

The FlowMatic® 05 model is the solution for conditioning powder in big bags subject to high hygiene constraints.

bulk bag filling storage

Bulk bag filling storage

Conditioning is carried out by gross weighing with the suspended big bag.


Technical specification

Rate 10-30 big bags/h.
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Finishing touches RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
Installed power 1.6 kW
Average power consumption 0.2 kW
Compressed air consumption 2.9 Nm³/h.
Operating pressure 6 bars
4-20mA input 1
TOR input 3
TOR output 5
Accuracy of the weighing chain + or - 500 grams
Dust removal rate 300 m³/h.
Maximum size of big bags (length * width * height) 1,550 * 1,550 * 2,400


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