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Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®01

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drum tipper drumflow 01

DRUM DISCHARGING SYSTEM - DrumFlow® 01 - Suction tube

The DrumFlow® 01 system was designed by Palamatic Process to perform drum discharging operations through a suction tube.
The bulk material contained in the drum will be incorporated in the production process thanks to vacuum suction technology.
The emptying of the drums is carried out directly on pallet and without specific handling.

The suction tube allows the vacuum of the bulk material by manual operation. This suction tube is ideal for emptying drums.

The vacuum is directly carried out in the drum from the vacuum cyclone.


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Equipment advantages

- No handling of the drum

- Suitable for all drum sizes

- Easy to use


View our equipment in videos

Mobile unit - Suction tube for drum and sack discharging

View our equipment in photos

drum dumper bulk handling

Drum discharging with suction pipe

Confined cabin for emptying drums by VFlow® vacuum conveying.

drum dumper bulk handling

Suction pipe

This suction pipe system allows the vacuum of bulk powder with manual handling.

drum dumper toxic bulk materials

ATEX drumflow discharging

The DrumFlow® 01 drum emptying solution allows the bulk material to be vacuumed without handling the drum.

drum tipper bulk material handling

Drumflow 01 : Suction pipe

The suction pipe enables the drum to be emptied in order to feed a mixer or a filling machine, for example.

tube lifter drum dumping

Drum manipulator

The Palamatic Process drum manipulator allows you to lift drums effortlessly and safely.

drum dumper bulk handling

Drum dumper - Suction pipe

Suction pipe in confined enclosure with glove box.

drum dumper bulk handling - Drumflow 01

Drum discharging - DrumFlow® 01

Emptying of drums of finished product for feeding a bag packer by pneumatic conveying.

drum dumper bulk handling bulk material

Drum discharging - Drumflow 01

This drum emptying system is designed to be coupled to our VFlow® powder pumps.


Technical specification

Rate 100 kg to 2 tons/h


Case studies
  • Powder incorporator feeding system (powder/liquid mixer)

    Processed powder: Mallow powder with a bulk density of 0.5 kg/m³. - Powder incorporator feeding system (powder/liquid mixer) - The purpose of the installation is the vacuuming of mallow powder for...
  • Drum unloading enclosure

    Processed product: Triuranium octoxide (U3O8) – Drum tipping station - The installation concerns the installation of a production system that empties, transfers and doses drums of a toxic product...
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Drum discharging system- DrumFlow®02

Bag extraction, Confinement, Glove box

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®03

Tipping over, All drums sizes, No drum manipulation, Safety

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow® 04

Tipping over and sealed capping, Total containment, No manipulation,...

Pneumatic conveying - Dense phase vacuum conveying - Detached filter VF DEP

No product loss, High rate process, Implementation in hazardous areas

Drum discharging system- DrumFlow®02

Bag extraction, Confinement, Glove box
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