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Dust control - Dedusting ring

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Dust control system

Dust control - Dedusting ring avoiding any obstruction of the working area:

Rate: 150 to 400 m³/h.
Implementation: on reactor, tank, drum...

Objectives: to allow easy emptying of small, easy-to-handle packagings, without dust emission. Palamatic Process dedusting rings, in standard or custom sizes, are perfectly adapted to your working environment and the materials handled.
Pouyès rings are dust collectors intended for loading tanks, reactors or cylindrical containers.
Dust collection rings preserve the operator's working environment by capturing particles and volatile molecules as close as possible to the emission source.

Our dedusting rings are recommended for the following operations:

  • Filling, hopper discharging, sack filling
  • Reactor loading
  • Weighing, drum filling
  • Crushing mill, sieving
  • Mixings and samples
  • Simplified ring for vacuuming around the periphery of a vertical mixer
  • Drum clamping by the ring for filling operations
  • System connected directly to the reactor to introduce the raw material. Removable system for pressurizing the reactor
  • Dust removal from the workstation

Example of implementation 

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Equipment advantages

- No obstruction of the working area, direct access for loading

- Protection of the operator's respiratory tract against dust emission 

- Ergonomics of the workstation thanks to the bag holder

- Rapid connection to all types of equipment, removable and cleanable system


View our equipment in photos

reactor ring

Powder loading in tank

The dedusting ring makes it easy to empty small, simple packages without dust emission.

pouyes ring

Dust collection on discharging hopper

Dust removal system connected directly to the reactor to introduce the raw material.

pouyes ring

Drum filling with dedusting ring

Dust removal from the workstation on the drum conditioning line.

pouyes ring filtration

Pouyes ring for reactor loading powder processing

Dedusting ring for the vacuum around the periphery of a vertical mixer.

pouyes ring industrial filtration

Reactor loading with bulk materials from sacks

Extraction area for fines with bag deposit tablet. 


Technical specification

Dropping area for the bag 200 to 400 mm. depth, 400 to 600 mm. width
Manufacturing Painted / galvanized steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel 
Finishes 9006 RAL, bead blasted, electropolished
Coverage of the vacuum area 270° to 180°
Inclination  0° to 20°
Connection to suction device DN50 to DN80
Connection to equipment PN 10 Flange, clamp
Air rate reached in open areas 0,6 to 1 m./s
Air velocity reached in dedusting piping 25 m./s
ATEX grounding clamp  
Weight 10 to 50 kg


Case studies
Download the booklet


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