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Bag unloading station for reactor loading

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Case study reference :
Chrome powder screening and packaging

Treated powder: very dusty and toxic bulk material that prevents oxidation of polymer chains

Loading tank


Company of a French group, tyre manufacturer.

The objective of the installation is to contain the powder to avoid any dispersion during the different stages of conveying.
Main functions:

  • Avoid dispersion of the powder in the air and on peripheral equipment. Associated criterion = dust exposure threshold < 1 mg/m3 over 8 h.
  • Allow the bag to be opened safely and in complete visibility.
  • Adapt the tank to receive the powder (function FP2). 
  • Enable the tank to be vented during operation.
  • Ensure a vacuum with a suction system to capture the residual powder.
  • Make a system with double butterfly valves or other devices allowing the tank to be sealed in the solution phase and an optimal opening during the powder filling phase.

The reactor is fed from a Sacktip® SE manual bag emptying station. The bag dump station is provided with a glove box (3 gloves) mounted on a glass door. The bag emptying station is designed in three working areas, requiring the installation of a glove box with three gloves. 
An autonomous industrial dust collection unit, detached from the work area (Outside the Atex zone), allows the station to be cleaned up. 
The powder is fed into the tank via an inert gas lock to secure the feeding
A suction hose is provided inside the Sacktip® SE manual bag emptying station. It is designed for the vacuum of residual powders at the end of the batch. This hose is connected to the dust collection network via an automatic butterfly valve. The operator must make the request to allow the valve to open and the vacuum to start. 

An M238 PLC completes the installation.


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