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Complete micronization and packaging line of seaweed in bags

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Complete micronization and packaging line of seaweed in bags 2

Processed products : seaweed

Seaweed preparation

Manufacturer of organic raw material for cosmetics: industrial production lines involving raw ingredients and bulk materials handling.

Palamatic Process has designed and manufactured a complete line of micronization, debacterization and packaging of seaweed in bags.

- The pre-crushed seaweed is introduced in a controlled way into the grinding mill with pins to ensure micronisation < 40µm.

- The crushed seaweed is then transferred to the industrial mixer with the incorporation of additional ingredients. The industrial mixer acts as a homogenizer and debacterizes the mixture in a regulated atmosphere. The factory end product is packaged into weighed bags intended for sale.

Results obtained:

The final quality of the product, guaranteed by the packaging line, corresponds perfectly to the customer's expectations. Palamatic Process' comprehensive turnkey service was a success for this tailor-made installation.

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