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Packaging of ingredients at the outlet of an atomization tower

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Case study reference :
Skid for bagging ingredients at the outlet of an atomization tower

Processed powders : apetence factors, natural food flavours

Natural food flavour

The company, which is specialized in the manufacture of flavours for domestic animal feed, was looking to install a bag filling station PalSack® that would meet the requirements of the high standards of the animal industries, namely: compliance with hygiene rules, traceability, precise dosage, product free of any foreign body, containment and easy cleaning.
Skid bagging Palamatic Process:

Food plant, packaging of petfood ingredients: bag filling station with open mouth 20 kg.

The bagging skid had to be easily installed on a mobile station. The objective is to be able to use it punctually on their bulk bag filling structure already existing on the process line (the bagging machine is then installed in the place of a big bag filling station). 
The powder process in the plant is a mixing line consisting of a weighing tank fed by pneumatic conveying, a powder mixer, a safety vibrating screen and a big bag filling station.

To meet the customer's mobility requirements, Palamatic Process has equipped the bagger with handling sleeves to facilitate its movement and positioning on the bulk bag filling structure using a simple forklift. Once in position, the bagger is loaded as a bulk bag would be. The valve of the existing hopper is controlled by the level sensor of the bagger's dosing unit in order to manage the material feeding.

The bagging skid consists of a D13 dosing system with an integrated un-clogging shaft. The specificity of the output tube of this dispenser is its pneumatic closing system which offers a very high dosing accuracy of (+/-50gr) for a rate of 2 bags of 20 kg/min.
This powder dispenser is supplied with material via a connecting sleeve connected around a swelling joint on the bag filling station PalSack® station which ensures total containment. This connection sleeve can be easily inserted and removed by the operator.

The bag filling head, under the double-walled technology dosing unit, is supplied with an inflatable seal to ensure airtightness during the bag filling phase. A flexible connection between the static and weighted structure of the bagging machine prevents weighing interference.
In order to stop any metal particles that may be introduced into the process during the emptying process, magnetic grids are installed in the lower part of the bagging mouth. The location of this grid has been selected for its accessibility for cleaning and to be as close as possible to the container to be filled. The weighing station is equipped with a stainless steel weighing platform and weighs the powder for commercial purposes in the bag.

sack filling skid animal nutrition palamatic process
palamatic process sack filling skid feed

Operating mode of the bagging machine:

The operator positions the bag between the inflatable seal and the clamping ring. Through the control panel, it authorizes the inflation of the seal that holds the bag against the clamping ring. The combination of inflatable seal and double jacket ensures total containment of the installation and volume balancing. The filling of the bag can then begin. 
The dosing of the material in the bag starts at high speed, then ends at low speed as the set point approaches. Once the target weight is reached, the volumetric dosing system is stopped and the seal is automatically deflated. The operator can then evacuate the bag via the roller conveyor to the sealing station. 
The impulse welding unit then allows a clean and efficient sealing of the bag to avoid any contamination. 

The integration of this module into the existing process has made it possible to diversify packaging solutions while meeting traceability and dosing accuracy requirements, guaranteeing constant production quality and controlled performance.
Palamatic Process has kept its promise: to offer an ergonomic and high quality solution according to precise specifications with innovative equipment perfectly adapted to the demanding standards of the petfood industries.


Bag filling - PalSack®01

Weighing, Management of dosing speeds, Containment, Packaging for open mouth sacks

Flexible fitting

Flexible system, Hygiene, Safety, No tools needed for disassembly

Screw feeder - 4 models from D10 to D13

Weight or volumetric dosing system, 24 to 6 458 liters/h.

Vibratory screener - 3 models

Hygiene, Safety of the process, Eliminate lumps, High rate, Easy cleaning
production line palamatic process

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