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Autonomous truck filling line

Capacity from 15 bags/hr or 45 big bags/hr to 90 big bags/hr
Header line process FTruckMatic

Mobile truck charger

FTruckMatic® chargers allow tankers or bulk trucks to be loaded autonomously. Filling a truck directly with big bags or sacks has never been easier!

FTruckMatic chargers are stand-alone stations that carry a conveyor screw, a bag-opening hopper and a loading handle to connect securely to the truck.

  • Easy to implement
  • Reliability
  • Big truck filling flow rates
  • Loading security

FTruckMatic® mobile chargers allow carriers and manufacturers to have a backup device to load their trucks and dumpsters, including:

  • Load pellets or powders for the plastics industry (PP, PE, etc.)
  • Getting rid of bulk bags of non-compliant products
  • Filling a tanker truck occasionally with big bags
  • Load in cement, limestone, bentonite or carbonate trucks in the fields of construction
  • Load ingredients such as sugar, milk powder, flour or lactose from food tankers.

The controls are carried out by an on-board cabinet which is located as close as possible to the loading equipment. Many standard options are available: food design, ATEX certification, etc.


  FTruckMatic® 01 FTruckMatic® 02 FTruckMatic® 03
Type Sacks Big bag Big bag
Flow m³/h 15 m³/day 45 m³/day 90 m³/day
Cleaning (trough) No Yes Yes
Powder Granulated PP, chemical Food powders Heavy powders such as cement, carbonate...
Fluidization No Option Yes
Food (cover and stainless steel) No Yes  
Opening bulk bag   Chute Cutting blade
Dusting No Option Option
Vibrating grid No Option Option
ATEX Option Option No
Lift Manual Hydraulic Hydraulic
Automatic (if not manual) charging channel No Option Option
Loading hopper No No Option

Rapid deployment of truck stacking system

The truck loader is brought next to the truck, container or car to be loaded and then deployed using its jacks. The stabilizers are set up to block any movement from the truck filling system.

Depending on the versions chosen, the supply is made in bags, bulk bags or even directly to the front loader.

FTruck Palamatic

Powering the system

For loading trucks from bags with the FTruckMaticsystem® 01, the operator places the bag on a high shelf, opens it with a safety knife and then pours it into the buffer hopper. A sieve is located in the hopper to avoid feeding foreign objects into the truck.

Truck loading with bulk bags is done with FTruckMatic® 02 or FTruckMatic® 03.  Bulk bags are brought over the loading hopper. The bulk bag is either opened by its chute or directly punctured with cutting blades.

The FTruckMatic® 03 system also allows charging directly with the bucket of a front loader. The station is robust enough to withstand accidental contact with the charger. The large-capacity hopper is designed to allow the system to operate while another charger supplies it.

Many flow aids are available to allow easy and controlled flow such as compressed air fluidizers, vibrating mounts, etc.  

Loading the tanker

The product is then transferred to the truck via the conveyor screw. It is designed to be easily cleaned between two loads. Depending on the design, it can be completely cleaned with water or solvents.

Containment of truck load

The connection to the truck is made watertight by lowering a loading bellows. This loading handle allows the product to be channeled and avoid creating a cloud of dust over the truck. A level probe attached to its lower part automatically stops the filling at the end of the cycle.

In the case of particularly dusty or explosive products, a dust remover can be shipped to the stocking station. This device removes dust clouds and re-injects the fines into the process. Thus, there is no loss of product.


  • Dusting
  • Helps with the flow
  • Automatic lowering of the watertight connection sleeve
  • Larger-capacity loading hopper
  • Certification ATEX
  • Food certification

Discover the installations of our customers using the FTruckMatic® tanker filling line.


All equipment integrated in the FTruckMatic® tanker loading process line are available below.

Trough screw conveyor
Continuous conveying of bulk or powdery materials
BIG BAG DISCHARGING 100% automatic - High rate contained - EF500

High-speed, automated big bag emptying station - FlowMatic® EF500
Automatic deconditioning, hydraulic gripping of the big bag without operator intervention.

The big bag discharging station is...

Industrial automation - Pal'Touch®
Programmable automatons for a precise monitoring of your production line.
Truck filling - Truck loading spout
Continuous bulk loading, High rate, Many options available
Big bag compactor - CBB125
Containment and management of empty big bags

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