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Shipping container drop line

Capacity of 5 to 30 t/hr
Shipping container drop line

The TipSea® 20 solution ensures the unloading of shipping containers by tilting and transfer of packaged products via blown pneumatic transport.

The Tipsea® 20 process line is used to fill storage silos.

  • 100% suitable for shipping containers
  • Autonomous or truck-compatible solution
  • Large transfer rate up to 30 t/hr
  • Compact solution
  • Palamatic Process Bulk Handling Experience

Container products

The main products handled are: coffee beans, sugar, cereals, plastic pellets and all other products where container storage is possible.


The characteristics of the pneumatic transfer are:
Flow rate from 5 to 30 t/h* 

  TipSea® 20 TipSea® 40
Size of containers handled 20 feet 40 feet
Transfer rate up to 30 t/h up to 30 t/h
Electric power 45 Kw  55 Kw
Tilting angle 70 70

*adjusted for the product and the configuration selected.

Operating principle

The Palamatic Process solution for unloading dry bulk containers is based on two methods:

  • Swinging truck
  • Tilting chair for dry bulk sea containers.


  • Place the container on the rocker, through the truck's handling arm system
  • Open the container doors and connect the drain hose
  • Lifting of the rocker in the high position and translation (scissor effect)
  • Start of the container tipping

N.b. The location does not have a pit or dock allowing sufficient height at the unloading point of the container. In this instance, the drain line incorporates a raised tipper or an elevator is added.

Dévracage conteneur maritime

Quality and control of unloaded product

A lump crusher and a centrifugal sieve are positioned between the shipping container and the pneumatic transfer circuit, making the process safer. 
Particular care is taken to make the equipment easy to clean and to the process safer from external contamination (containment of the feed area). 
The compressed pneumatic transfer system for the silo loading is supplied with clean product and its booster provides transfer via filtered air.

Choosing a Palamatic unloading set guarantees an operational and reliable silo loading line. Securing a container is expensive and these unproductive down times must be minimized.

The safety of the operators is essential during the handling phases. Palamatic Process focuses all of its designs on ergonomics and safety. Contact our pre-project service to design and plan your bulk handling line.


Discover the facilities of our customers who use the maritime container unloading line.


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