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Automatic sack discharging - Rotaslit

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    Bag manipulator - Bulk material and powder handling

    AUTOMATIC BAG DUMP STATION - ROTASLIT® - Very high speed bag cracking

    Deconditioning of products without any adjustment

    Very high speed bag cracking

    Flow 6 bags/min.

    The Rotaslit® automatic bag dump station is the ideal solution for large-scale use in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and agro-chemical industries. The biggest advantage of this machine is its ability to handle large variety of packagings.

    The Rotaslit® bag opener is used extensively in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and agro-chemical industries. Its patented inversion system transports empty bags on a screw compactor, which is an integral part of the system. This automatic bag dump station uses only one 3 kW motor.
    The main advantage of this machine is that it fills bags lengthwise or widthwise, as well as its ability to handle a wide variety of packagings such as boxes and bags covered with cardboard or plastic.
    This machine is designed to open bags from 15 to 50 kg.




    Operating mode:

    1. The operator positions the bag with a bag manipulator on the belt conveyor that supplies the empty bag station

    2. The bag is opened by a screw drill and falls into a rotating drum that empties the bulk materials

    3. The helical screw in the rotating drum extrudes the empty bag into the bag compactor

    • Rate
    • Overall dimensions
    • Hygiene
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    Equipment advantages

    - Rotary drum cutting system

    - Screw compactor for evacuation of empty bags and reduction of dust emission

    - Opening on compacting screw

    - Manipulator for lifting bags effortlessly and for ergonomics of the station (in option)

    View our equipment in videos

    Automatic sack discharging station Rotaslit®

    This bag opener is designed to automatically open bags with respect for fragile materials and a compact size.

    Automatic sack discharging station Rotaslit®Palamatic Process

    The main advantage of this sack opening machine is its ability to handle a large variety of packagings.

    View our equipment in photos

    automatic sack discharging vaccum lifter

    Automatic sack discharching with vacuum lifter

    This bag discharger performs automatic opening of bags with respect for fragile bulk materials.

    automatic sack discharging tube lifter

    Bag dump station Palamatic Process

    The dust extraction option is the ideal solution for automatic, rapid and dust-free discharging.

    automatic sack discharging atex

    Automatic sack discharching ATEX

    After studying your specifications, your implementation constraints and your processed bulk materials, we can offer you the technical and budgetary information on our most suitable automatic bag discharging system.

    automatic sack discharging bulk materials

    Automatic emptying station

    The Rotaslit® provides the possibility, thanks to its patented system, to open all types of bags without any adjustment and it offers a great dimensional compactness.

    automatic sack discharging palamatic process

    Automatic sack discharging Palamatic Process

    Screw bag compactor with an internal turbine system.

    automatic bag opening bulk powders

    Bag tracking

    Batch traceability for the safety of your process

    Technical specification

    Capacity 15 to 50 kg/sack
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
    Electrical power 6 kW
    Dust removal rate 600 m³/h

    The rotating drum discharges the maximum amount of product in a single cut, which is carried out by a patented screw drill. 

    Electric power:

    Bag suplying conveyor (optional): 1.1kW (1,5 HP)
    Cutting head drive motor: 1.5kW (2 HP)
    Compactor and internal conveyor: 2.2kW (3 HP)
    Fan motor (optional): 1.5kW (2 HP)
    Vibrating motor (optional): 0.25kW (0,3 HP)

    Available options

    • Automatic sack dumping - Bulk materials and powder handling
      Automatic sack dumping - Bulk materials and powder handling

      Sack manipulator

      Sack manipulator : The operator, via a simple control handle, depalletizes the bags and positions them on the infeed conveyor.

      The speed is ensured with maximum ergonomics.

    • Automatic sack dumping - Bulk materials and powder handling
      Automatic sack dumping - Bulk materials and powder handling

      Dust collector

      Dust removal is the essential additional equipment to ensure a healthy working atmosphere.

      The dust collector is installed directly on the machine and thus makes it possible to reintroduce the suction fines or is positioned outside for independent dust collectors.

      • Dust removal rate required: 1,000 m³/h
      • Filtration technology: cartridge or pouch
      • Unclogging: compressed air
      • Filter medium (variable according to the type of powders): antistatic polyester, oleophobic, PTFE coated...
    • Automatic sack dumping - Bulk materials and powder handling
      Automatic sack dumping - Bulk materials and powder handling

      Stainless steel fabrication

      Made of steel or stainless steel for all parts in direct contact.

      Very high quality robust finishing touches for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries (polished stainless steel).

    • Bulk truck loading

      Processed powder: polypropylene - Bulk truck loading - This powder handling line is designed to feed granules into trucks at a high rate of 25 t/h. The production requirement is to create neither...
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