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BIG BAG DISCHARGING 100% automatic - High rate contained - EF500

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High-speed, automated big bag emptying station - FlowMatic® EF500
Automatic deconditioning, hydraulic gripping of the big bag without operator intervention.

The big bag discharging station is fed by a set of motorized conveyors that supply the hydraulic gripper. A pallet stacker ensures the evacuation of the big bag handling pallets. The so-called manual operations consist of the handling by a forklift operator of the stacks of pallets as well as the big bags to be unloaded. The forklift operator places the big bag pallets on the conveyors. 

The big bags are fully automatically handled by the hydraulic gripper system mounted on a bridge crane and ensuring the translations above the discharge hoppers. The empty big bag is automatically discharged to a baler or big bag compactor

Operation mode:

1. Placing of loaded big bags by a forklift on the motorized roller conveyor line(s) (several lines = several products possible for recipe formulation, with "picking")
2. Automatic management of the accumulation (storage and advancement) of the big bags pending emptying by the supervision automaton.
3. Automatic selection of the big bag to be emptied on the dedicated conveyor line (in applications requiring recipe management)
4. Automatic gripping of the loaded big bag by the hydraulic gripper mounted on a motorized trolley (handling crane)
5. Automatic big bag feed above the emptying station
6. The containment doors of the EasyFlow® EF500 Big Bag Emptying Station enclosure open and close automatically to ensure maximum containment during the big bag breaking phases (this containment enclosure may be an option).
7. Lowering the big bag onto cutting blades, cutting through the bottom of the big bag
8. Management of the pressure of the hydraulic clamp during the big bag emptying / breaking phase
9. Automatic feed + automatic release of the big bag into the baler or big bag compactor
10. Management of the empty pallet: automatic sending to a pallet stacker
11. Back of the gripper for gripping the next big bag


  • Rate
  • Automation

Cutting of the big bag: 

Cutting of the big bag


Cutting of the big bag

The big bag is cut by cross or "U" shaped blades depending on the big bag design. For big bags with an outlet spout, the cutting system will be a "U" shaped system. Big bags with a bottomless bottom are cut by cross or diamond points as a preference.
For difficult flowing products, massage cylinders can be installed on the discharging station. These hydraulic or pneumatic massage cylinders can be used to force the extraction of the product. 


Big bag gripping clamp :

The big bag gripper is the heart of the Palamatic Process easyFlow® EF500 system. This gripper has its own hydraulic unit. It is designed with a double clamping system to hold both full and empty big bags. This double clamping system is fully synchronized and remotely controlled with a chain of safety sensors depending on the cycle. This hydraulic big bag handling clamp makes the presence of an operator on the emptying station unnecessary. The movement of the clamp at the different stations is as follows: 
1. Gripping of filled big bags
2. Cracking hopper / FIBC discharge
3. Drop zone: big bag compactor, waste bin or baler 
This displacement is managed automatically by a positioning system supervised by the PLC. 

This automatic big bag emptying system integrates a large number of features specific to each of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact our pre-project department to study your automatic big bag emptying solution.

Equipment advantages

- No operator
- Automatic cutting
- Automatic big bag gripping
- Automatic big bag opening
- Automatic big bag discharging
- Automatic evacuation of the emptied big bag


View our equipment in videos

Gripping by hydraulic clamp - EF500

View our equipment in photos

Hydraulic clamp for discharging

Hydraulic clamp for discharging

Big bag gripping by hydraulic clamp.

Secondary jaw for big bag discharging

Secondary jaw for big bag discharge

Big bag discharged automatically and held by the secondary jaw.

Pince pour big bag automatique

Automatic big bag emptying clamp

Gripper for 100% automatic big bag discharging.

Clamp for big bag Palamatic Process
Dedusting system on big bag discharging station

Dust removal from the big bag emptying system

Dust collection network for the whole big bag emptying system.

Pallet stacker on big bag discharging station

Pallet stacker for big bag unloading

Pallet stacker on conveyor feeding the big bag emptying system.

High rate and contained big bag discharging

Contained and hig rate rate big bag emptying system

Complete contained high rate big bag emptying system.

big bag discharging system Palamatic Process

Discharging the big bag

Big bag unloading thanks to an hydraulic clamp EasyFlow® EF500.


Technical specification

Rate 1 to 25 big bags/h.
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Finishing touches RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
Installed power

- Pneumatic 6 bar

- Hydraulic

- Electric 400 V - 50Hz - 5 to 10 Kw

Required dust collecting rate (optional) 3,000 m³/h.
Maximum dimensions of the big bags (length* width * height) 1,100* 1,100 * 1,200 mm
Lifting capacity 1 000 daN
Big bag gripping Hydraulic clamp with 2 synchronized arms

Available options

  • dedusting ring big bag discharge station
    dedusting ring big bag discharge station

    Dust collection ring

    It helps to minimize dust emissions. The dedusting ring is mounted on the tray. It consists of a split tubing and two connection connections for dust removal. A manually operated damper adjusts or closes the suction flow.

  • bag compactor on bag dump station palamatic process
    bag compactor on bag dump station palamatic process

    Big bag compactor

    It helps reduce the volume of waste and keep a healthy and dust free atmosphere.

    The big bag compactors collect and compress all types of big bags, while eliminating most of the dust by installing a connection to the sewerage system.

  • lump breaker on big bag discharging station
    lump breaker on big bag discharging station

    Lump breaker

    Our lump breakers present the ideal solution for crushing materials that tend to make lumps.

    The device makes it possible to break the lumps that are created during the production or transport processes of the friable materials in powder or in grains. See the range of Palamatic Process lump breakers.


  • big bag discharging massage system
    big bag discharging massage system

    Big bag massage system

    Massage flow aid system: the cylinders break the vaults and break the mass accumulation.

    Heavily dimensioned pneumatic cylinders installed in the lower part of the big bag break the vaults and break the mass accumulation (2, 4 or 6 cylinders depending on the type of product).

    Possible alternative: vibrating tray: removal tray implanted on silentblocs with vibrating motor to optimize the emptying of certain products. The massage solution can be offered as an independent equipment to prepare big bags mass before emptying.


  • commercial weighing big bag discharging
    commercial weighing big bag discharging

    Commercial dosing and weighing

    Unweighing of the big bags station for precise feeding of the process downstream.

    Weighing of the big bags station to inform the process about the amount of powder introduced. The complete big bag emptying system is installed on 4 load cells. In order to avoid any risk of the structure tipping over, the wheelbase is increased.

Case studies


Big bag discharging - High rate - Easyflow EF100-200

High rate, Ergonomics, Automation

Centralized dust collector

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Lump breaker - 3 models

Crushing, Lump breaking, Granulating

Centralized dust collector

Industrial dust collection applications, Mounting on a dust collecting...

Lump breaker - 3 models

Crushing, Lump breaking, Granulating
production line palamatic process

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