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Flowmatic®04 H Big bag filling system

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FlowMatic04 H

Big bag filling - Hygienic packing without pallets and automatic gross weighting

The FlowMatic® 04 H big bag filling solution makes it possible to fill big bags in a critical area (white zone) for industrial companies filling bulk materials with high hygienic value. Manufacturers using the FlowMatic® 04 H are mainly manufacturers of dairy products or food supplements. The objective of this packaging line is to avoid any wooden pallets in the product area. However, at the end of the packaging line, the big bag is placed on its wooden pallet via a docking system installed outside the filling area. 

The FlowMatic® 04 H filling machine integrates all the necessary solutions for the automatic packaging of big bags, namely: dosing unit, filling tube with inflatable containment seal, big bag shaping system, product densification by vibrating table, dust removal, weighing in legal metrology and big bag conveying and palletizing systems.
The palletization of the big bag is carried out by a two-level conveyor: a belt conveyor for the big bag and a roller conveyor for the pallet. The stacked and synchronised conveyors ensure that the big bag is placed on the pallet outside the packing area. Beforehand, the pallet is lined with an interlayer.

Usually, these hygienic packaging lines integrate magnetic detectors and samplers.

For industrials requiring even more stringent hygiene constraints, PALAMATIC PROCESS has developed a FlowMatic® 10 big bag filling system that ensures pallet-free filling and handling of the big bag by a suspended system that avoids any ground equipment.

Mode opératoire Flowmatic 04 H

Operating mode:

1. Placing the big bag on the station via the rotating head
2. Sealed fastening of the spout by inflatable seal
3. Tensioning of the big bag by pneumatic jack
4. Inflating the big bag for preforming
5. Switching from the inflation system to the dust collector
6. Start filling high flow rate
7. Vibration of the densification table with intermittent operation
8. Weighing management with a low speed shift to adjust the dosage
9. End of filling: descent of the filling head, deflation of the seal and automatic unhooking of the big bag loops
10. Closing the big bag by sealing the bag 
11. Automatic removal of the big bag via the hygienic belt conveyor to the pallet docking area
12. Placing a layer pad on the wooden pallet or removing a placemat (operation carried out in the storage area) 
13. Placing the pallet via the roller conveyor under the big bag conveyor belt 
14. Synchronisation of the belt and roller conveyors for docking the big bag on its wooden pallet. The big bag is deposited on the pallet by the simultaneous advance of the conveyors. 
15. Film packaging machine, big bag and pallet wrapping machine (optional).


Pallet dockingo, FlowMatic® 04 H



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FlowMatic 04 H Palamatic Process

FlowMatic® 04 H Palamatic Process

FlowMatic® 04 H big bag packing station being installed before the packing cabin is set up. Big bag handling is ensured by a belt conveyor.

Bulk bag conditioner - Containment

Big bag output area

An special area (grey zone) closed by two hermetic doors provides a link between the two zones and avoids the introduction of pallets in sensitive areas.

Belt conveyor - Powder and bulk handling

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor for handling filled big bags without pallets and in hygienic area (called "white zone" or "red zone").

Big bag filling system - Bulk powder handling

Big bag packing line

Once packed, the big bag is placed on the pallet and evacuated by a motorized roller conveyor, thus optimizing the rate of the big bag packing line.


Technical specification

Rate 20 to 30 big bags/h.
Capacity 2 tons/big bag
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel
Installed power 8.7 kW
Compressed air consumption 6.8 Nm³/h.
Dust removal rate 300 m³/h.
Conveyor for pallets Rollers
Conveyor for big bags  Belt


Equipment integrated in the FlowMatic® 04 H model:

White zone:

- Filling head
- Weighing frame
- Big bag liner welding system
- Belt conveyor

Grey area: 

- SAS big bag extraction by sliding door and quick lift door with conveyor belt

Storage area:

- Unstacker
- Placemat / divider removal on pallet 
- Big bag and pallet docking area 
- Buffer storage area for big bags packed and placed on wooden pallets 


Available options

  • Big bag filling system - Powder process
    Big bag filling system - Powder process

    Mat laying

    A mat laying station is located between the pallet unstacker and the big bag filler. It allows the automatic placement of a mat (cardboard or PE film) on the empty pallet, before the big bag filling operation. This position is an essential complement for a maximum containment of the big bag meeting the quality standard of many industries.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Pre-inflation fan
    Bulk bag conditioner - Pre-inflation fan

    Pre-inflation fan

    The pre-inflation of the big bag ensures the shaping of the bag thus allowing a packaging without retention pocket.
    A protective filter can be implanted to ensure the inflation of the big bag with healthy air.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Unstacker
    Bulk bag conditioner - Unstacker

    Pallet unstacker

    In order to automate the big bag filling station, we propose the implementation of an automatic pallet unstacker.
    The stacked pallets are stored in the workshop, then supply one by one the packaging station via a motorized conveyor.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Grounding clamp
    Bulk bag conditioner - Grounding clamp

    Grounding clamp

    Mass braids equip the entire station. A quick connection point allows the grounding the big bags thus achieving an equipotential bonding of the assembly.

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